Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Completed Projects!

Started: March 2008
Finished: August 2008
Machine-piece, Machine-quilted

Finally, I have finished quilts to post. I took the fabric fast earlier in the spring, where I only made quilt tops using fabric I already owned. I made 4 tops in 2 months, then I broke the fast to make one more top, using some Sonnet fabric that went on sale at the local quilt shop. Here's the first two tops I made, finally quilted and bound, using Roman Holiday charm squares, a jelly roll, and some fat quarters. The first one I made is above, then I had so many blocks left over, that I put them on point, added some yardage in between, then a couple of borders from the fat quarters. Finished product below...

Started: April 2008
Finished: July 2008
Machine-pieced, Machine-quilted

Those are the only two I completely finished so far. I've entered these two, along with the Sonnet quilt, in my guild's show in October. So, I've got a bit more quilting to do. Here's a picture of the quilt top, layered, pinned, and ready to go. All that's standing in my way is to find some empty bobbins to fill up, and I'll be ready to go. The pattern is from - one of their BOM patterns - Nine Patch Nirvana. It was my first BOM quilt, and it was fun, but I kind of miss the tessellations on the quilt top.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Patchwork Pillow

I made a pillow as part of a retirement kit for one of the librarians at work. I found a great pattern from Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache website, called A Gaggle of Pinwheels. Leah and I found some great fabric in the sale room at Wish Upon a Quilt that all matched perfectly. Here are a couple of pictures of the pillowcase in progress, then the finished product.

I couldn't believe how nicely the points all came together in the middle. It was kind of a miracle.

Vintage Holla-day Quilt

I made this quilt, using charm squares from April Cornell's Vintage Holiday collection, along with some yardage, cut into 2 1/2" strips to frame the squares. I almost always love her collections and usually buy at least the charm squares from all her collections. I'm not really sure who's going to receive this particular quilt. I ended up donating to the stitching group at church to pass along to whomever should receive it.

Started: January 2008
Finished: January 2008
Machine-pieced, Machine-quilted

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dick and Jane Quilt for Jessica

I still had a ton of Dick and Jane fabric left over from the first quilt, so I decided to make another one for some friends who had a baby in April.

I LOVED the backing for this quilt. Stripes and plaid prints make me nervous because I can never seem to cut a straight line, even with my rotary cutter and rulers, but this wasn't such a horrible experience.

I just did free-motion stippling all over. I'm not quite brave enough yet to try actual designs on my quilt tops. Here's a close-up of the stippling...

Started: January 2008
Finished: January 2008
Machine-pieced, machine-quilted

Christmas Gift Bonanza - Part III

Finally, I put together a quilt top for my grandmother. She's quilted since the dawn of time, but since she went into a nursing home a few years ago, she's had a rough time piecing the quilts together, since they don't allow her to keep an iron. So, I made a flimsy, then basted it together. My little brother got some needles and thread, and actually threaded the needles for her, in hopes that she will be able to stay busy for the next few months.

Christmas Gifts - Part II

I made a Christmas tableset for Mom - complete with a tablerunner and placemats. All the placemats varied in degree of wonkiness, but in the end, I was just happy to have a complete set.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Christmas Gift Bonanza, Part I

This was the first year in many years that I've felt compelled to make a lot of my Christmas gifts. I had everything together by Thanksgiving but didn't really start working on anything in earnest until the first week in December. That was a big mistake, but everything came together, albeit just under the wire. My first homemade gift of the season was a tablerunner for Martha, who hosts our small group Bible study every week, along with her husband, Phil. I used a Mistletoe Manor (Moda Christmas collection from 2006) charm pack I managed to snag on sale over the summer. Mistletoe Manor is my first Moda love, so it took some guts to cut into these squares. It helped knowing I have a 13" tall stack of Mistletoe Manor fat quarters in pristine condition still in my closet. For the quilting, I just stitched in the ditch on my machine.

Apologies for the less than stellar photos. I still need to read the owner's manual for my digital camera.

Started: December 2007
Finished: December 2007
Machine-pieced, Machine-quilted

Dick & Jane Baby Quilt I

I saw the Dick and Jane quilt for the first time in a Hancock's of Paducah catalog and was mildly interested, but not enamored enough to spend money on it. Then I got a gift card to the local fabric shop, Thimble Pleasures, and decided to splurge on some of the Dick and Jane prints, with no final goal in mind. A few weeks later, the opportunity to cut into my new fabric arose when a friend from work announced that she would be having a baby in the fall.

For the quilting, I sewed in the ditch along all the seams, then did some stippling in the larger squares.

Started: September 2007
Completed: November 2007
Machine-pieced, machine-quilted

Crazy Baby Quilt

So I can't take full credit for this one. In Spring-Summer 2007, the stitching group was somewhat inundated with folks who needed baby quilts, so we decided to piece them en masse. We were lucky that they were all girls, so we met one afternoon to cut and piece all the fabric into a few crazy quilts, using pink and white flannel prints and solids. I took one home and quilted it by hand, just sewing seams in the ditch to anchor all the layers together.

Started: April 2007, Finished: June 2007

Dishtowel Quilt

Mom ended up with about 25 extra dishtowels/napkins, after the office party that was supposed to be hosted at their house was moved to one of the local restaurants. As she breathed a deep sigh of relief that she wouldn't have to clean the house, she passed along almost all of the dishtowels to me to do with them what I pleased.

I cut them into 5" squares, then sewed them all together. Since they were so thick, I used an array of buttons to bind all the layers together, instead of trying to sew through all the layers.

Started: December 2006
Finished: January 2007
Machine-pieced, Hand-"quilted"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

UNC vs. Duke Throw Quilt

At the beginning of 2006, a group of stitchers from church began meeting regularly to create shawls, blankets, and quilts for people who were sick or grieving, those who had served in the church somehow, for people who were celebrating exciting times in their lives. This group has been a great place for creative inspiration and encouragement. The first quilt I finished to donate to the group was both Carolina blue and Blue Devil blue, so that no matter who received it, hopefully he or she would be happy with at least half the quilt. It warms my heart to say it went to a Carolina fan.

I used the "Northwind" Pattern from Marsha McCloskey's Quick Classic Quilts.

Started: March 2006
Finished: August 2006
Machine-pieced, Hand-quilted

Blue and Yellow Throw Quilt

After my first quilt came together completely by hand, sort of, Mom donated her old sewing machine to my cause. She came to visit one weekend in the fall, and we made a trip to JoAnn's to buy fabric, a rotary cutter, a mat, and two serious rulers. She showed me how to strip piece, and I made a throw quilt, with four patch pieces - a patch of solid yellow and blue, then a patch of floral yellow and blue.

Started: October 2005
Finished: March 2006
Machine-pieced, Hand-quilted

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My First Quilt EVER

Mom taught me how to quilt a long time ago, when I was about 9 years old. Over the next decade plus some, I might have picked up a needle and quilt a few lines while I watched TV if she or Mamaw had a quilt set up in a frame, but I never went out of my way to make anything on my own. My senior year of college, I was burnt out on cross stitch (and a little disgruntled at the lack of cross-stitch designs out there that appealed to my tastes), and found myself with a lot of free time on my hands my last semester. One night, after I had finished all my reading, I started thumbing through a couple of quilt books Mom had saved and sent to me (in hopes I might one day see the light), and I finally decided that it couldn't be that difficult, that I was going to make a quilt. So, with check card in hand, I made my way to WalMart to buy all the necessary supplies.

Needless to say, without anyone's knowledgeable supervision, I picked out pretty crummy supplies, but hey, my fabric all matched, and at that point, that was all that mattered to me.

I decided NOT to spring for a rotary cutter (a big mistake I later discovered), so all my fabric was crookedly cut and since I had no machine with a quarter-inch presser foot, crookedly hand-sewn. Nevertheless, I plowed ahead, hand-sewing all the small triangles into squares, then all the squares into larger squares to form pinwheels. Some of the points came together, most of them didn't.

I thought it was only fitting that I give it to my mother for her birthday later that year, since she was the one who taught me everything I thought I needed to know at that point to make a quilt. She's gracious enough to put it on the couch in the den, where it happens to match all the furniture.

Started: March 2005
Completed: October 2005
Hand-pieced, hand-quilted