Saturday, June 28, 2008

Patchwork Pillow

I made a pillow as part of a retirement kit for one of the librarians at work. I found a great pattern from Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache website, called A Gaggle of Pinwheels. Leah and I found some great fabric in the sale room at Wish Upon a Quilt that all matched perfectly. Here are a couple of pictures of the pillowcase in progress, then the finished product.

I couldn't believe how nicely the points all came together in the middle. It was kind of a miracle.

Vintage Holla-day Quilt

I made this quilt, using charm squares from April Cornell's Vintage Holiday collection, along with some yardage, cut into 2 1/2" strips to frame the squares. I almost always love her collections and usually buy at least the charm squares from all her collections. I'm not really sure who's going to receive this particular quilt. I ended up donating to the stitching group at church to pass along to whomever should receive it.

Started: January 2008
Finished: January 2008
Machine-pieced, Machine-quilted

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dick and Jane Quilt for Jessica

I still had a ton of Dick and Jane fabric left over from the first quilt, so I decided to make another one for some friends who had a baby in April.

I LOVED the backing for this quilt. Stripes and plaid prints make me nervous because I can never seem to cut a straight line, even with my rotary cutter and rulers, but this wasn't such a horrible experience.

I just did free-motion stippling all over. I'm not quite brave enough yet to try actual designs on my quilt tops. Here's a close-up of the stippling...

Started: January 2008
Finished: January 2008
Machine-pieced, machine-quilted

Christmas Gift Bonanza - Part III

Finally, I put together a quilt top for my grandmother. She's quilted since the dawn of time, but since she went into a nursing home a few years ago, she's had a rough time piecing the quilts together, since they don't allow her to keep an iron. So, I made a flimsy, then basted it together. My little brother got some needles and thread, and actually threaded the needles for her, in hopes that she will be able to stay busy for the next few months.

Christmas Gifts - Part II

I made a Christmas tableset for Mom - complete with a tablerunner and placemats. All the placemats varied in degree of wonkiness, but in the end, I was just happy to have a complete set.