Sunday, May 31, 2009

Giveaway Bonanza!!

Two lovely bloggers came home from Quilt Market with some loot last week and are being generous enough to pass along the crafty love. Be sure to check out their giveaways before they close!

The fabulous and oh so generous Camille is giving away 2 Simple Abundance honey buns to 2 lucky winners! Just pick your favorite Moda designer and your favorite product from that designer, let Camille know in the comments section, and she'll add you to the pot. She must have some crazy spreadsheets - the comments were taking up half the page last time I checked.

Jane, who owns the Lanie Jane shop, is giving away pre-cuts from the aforementioned Camille's latest collection. She had to put up a real fight against a feisty grandma to get the goods, so leave some encouragement for her in the comments section, and let her know how you'd use the fabric.

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