Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In the interest of full disclosure...

I think you should know that I:

1) hardly EVER use a seam-ripper and re-do seams, hence the blog name. It stays where it lays, ladies.

2) buy way too many groceries each week because I just can't resist a "good deal" and love to see how much money I "save" at the bottom of my receipts.

3) watch the Bachelor(ette). Don't judge. We all have our guilty pleasures on TV.

4) don't ever buy my backings from the local quilt shops. $9/yard for fabric most people won't ever see? I don't think so. Thousands of Bolts is my BFF.

5) lick cookie dough off my finger and sometimes (read: pretty much always) stick it back in the bowl for another bite.

6) have only read about 15% of the books on my bookshelves. I got really paranoid a couple of years ago that in order to get a librarian job, I was going to end up in a teeny-tiny library in the middle of nowhere Alaska (where we discovered last year that some books are subject to abject censorship), so I started stockpiling books from the local library booksales I would read in such a situation (We're talking 20-30 books acquired at a time, 4 times a year). Luckily, I have a librarian job at a library with a GREAT collection, surrounded by lots of fantastic public library collections, and between all those options, I can pretty much get whatever I want. I'm gradually de-accessioning many of those books from my collection and donating them back to the public library, so the Friends of the Library can hopefully make money on them. again.

7) don't like batik fabrics. I know they're uber-nice and mega-expensive, but I just don't get it. I'll take a paisley over a batik any day of the week.

8) hoard magazines, any title, any topic. I blame my mother. She would never let me subscribe to anything when I was growing up except Highlights, so now I can't get enough of them. Even the old lady magazines and TV Guide. But don't worry. I harbor no grudge against Mom. She's offered to set up 3 magazine subscriptions each for me and the Husband Elect (of our choice) once we get a permanent residence.

9) eat some form of macaroni and cheese at least once a week. I have a whole tag devoted to it on my del.icio.us page and buy the blue boxes 6 at a time (or as many as the grocery store will let me) when they go on sale for $0.50 or less at the grocery store.

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  1. I do my best not to need my seam ripper, I usually only use mine when the tension isn't the best when working on a customer quilt.
    Backings...you say hardly ever get seen but this week I had a cute quilt made for a 4 yr old and when the customer and recipient picked it up the little one asked to flip it over cause she liked that back part too :)
    Great Blog by the way :)