Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Goals

So last month was incredibly productive, according to my standards at least, but I'm not so sure about this month. Nevertheless, here are my goals for November:

I know it sounds ambitious, but I think if I can create 2 tops and quilt 2 tops each month, that should be a good mix of piecing/quilting in my creative life. Even if they are small tabletoppers or tablerunners, I'll be putting a slight dent in my stash, not just of fabric, but of batting. Oh, the leftover strips of batting that have slowly taken over all the corners of our apartment. Anything 7" or wider I keep, reasoning that I'll make potholders or coasters or something out of it someday. Never mind that I have coasters coming out of my ears, but someday, maybe I'll do something with it.

Here's to another productive month!

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