Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Things

Things For Which I Am Thankful...

A la my friend, Merissa, I am coming up with a list of silly stuff I appreciate. Of course I'm thankful for my family, friends, dog, house, etc. But there's nothing like appreciating all the small things in life, right?

1) Mom buys fabric. Lots of it. And it's all "the good stuff." It makes me sad, really sad, that Mom and Dad are moving 16 hours away in a couple of months. But the fabric hoarder in me is thrilled that Mom's opening up her sewing room for me to devour this weekend so she doesn't have to pack/move/unpack so much fabric in the coming months. Anything that's not in a blue project bag or one of the rubbermaid bins is fair game. I've been awaiting this day ever since my first rotary cutter hit my first piece of fabric. So much potential in that room. It's only somewhat organized, but it's all so lovely. I'll report back on my looting adventures next week.

2) Law & Order & Its Ubiquitousness. I discovered, this past weekend, that I kind of traumatized my freshman-year roommate with all the L&O that I watched. She won't watch it now. Ever. She hears the gavel-dropping sound in her nightmares. Whereas, I will watch any time of night or day, regardless of how many times I've seen that particular episode and have a Pavlovian drool-inducing response to the gavel-dropping sound. Luckily, USA and TNT seem happy to appease my insatiable cravings for this show and often air the various versions of it in rapid succession, barely pausing for closing credits before beginning a new episode.

3) Google Reader. The other night, The Hubs and I were pondering deep thoughts over dinner, like what adult life was like before the Interwebz, which led me to think about my web-browsing habits. My Google Reader account has solidified my web addiction like nothing else, even Facebook (gasp!), and it has also entrenched me firmly in the Millennial Generation. I expect to be able to follow a conversation online without having to remember to click on a random website continuously, AND I expect to be able to search my archive of blog subscriptions to find the exact photo I saw on a quilt blog using the fabric collection that I just bought. If I come across a continuously updated page I like that DOESN'T have an RSS feed, I get mad. Well, okay, maybe just frustrated. But I'm supposed to be talking about things I appreciate. Moving along...

4) Libraries. Maybe this ought not be considered a "small thing", since well, I work at one. But over the past couple of years, I've discovered that any time I get the urge to shop, I can go to the library instead, walk out with a big stack of stuff for FREE, WITHOUT the inevitable buyers' remorse that accompanies all my other transactions. It doesn't even really matter whether or not I read them, since I didn't directly pay money for them. As long as I return them on time or remember to renew them before they're due, it's a fail-proof system.

5) Paint chips - they're FREE. Okay, their costs are probably factored in to the cost of the paint, brushes, etc. But I can walk out of Lowe's with a 1" stack of paint chips in my hand, and no one will say anything to me or ask for a receipt. It's fantastic.

6) Target. It doesn't really matter which section of the store I'm in. Something beckons me (and my wallet) from every shelf. Sigh. It's all so pretty. I'm going to do my best to stay away during the holidays. Inevitably, I buy something for myself every time I go in to buy something off someone else's registry/wishlist.

So there it is - my list of somewhat shallow/silly things that make me smile. Hope you find lots of thankful-inspiring things in your own life today!

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  1. I am with you on Law & Order....can't get enough of it. But, I am so sad that they are taking Goren and Eames off.