Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Accomplishments

Stack o' quilts
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Last night, we were sitting there watching the Raleigh acorn drop on the local network, talking about how old we are since we only recognized a few of the singers, and reminiscing about 2009. It was a pretty big year for us, by any measures - we got married, bought a house, and we're slowly but surely becoming BFFs with the folks at Lowe's and Home Depot as we make our upgrades.

With all that going on, I haven't been as productive with my quilting as previous years, but I've LOVED all the quilts I finished this year.

On top of the finished projects, I have bookoos of quilt tops to keep me busy, partially due to the Schnibbles challenge, but I've been cranking out a few on my own also. I would love to invest in a longarm machine one day, so I'm telling myself I need to have practice tops once I get one :)

Mom and Dad are moving 16 or so hours away later this month, and Mom's been cleaning out her sewing room, which has meant lots of new-to-me fabric has entered my stash. I can't wait to start on my 2010 projects (planned and unplanned)!

Hope everyone has a year filled with sewing and other craftiness!!

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