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2010 Resolutions

My Christmas Quilt!
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It's that time of year again. Folks are filled with hope and a sense of self-renewal, and I'm kind of getting swept up in it all. But at the same time, I'm trying to be rational. Yes, I'd like to quilt all the flimsies I generated last year, but the pull of new projects and fabric collections is almost always too strong and distracts me from half-finished projects. Yes, I'd like to lose 25 lbs or so, but I have a serious problem with the munchies. Yes, I'd like to have a house that looks like a Pottery Barn photo, but the Hubz and I are packrats to the core, messy ones at that, who are always in the middle of wrapping up/starting various projects. So with all that in mind, here's my conservative list of 2010 resolutions...

1) Floss at least 4 nights/week. I know, I know. I should be flossing daily. Don't tell my dentist, but I haven't flossed in months. It's time to jump back on the wagon for the majority of nights in a week.

2) 10,000 steps/day or bust. I've been wearing a pedometer for about 6 months or so now, so I have a pretty good idea of how many steps I [don't] take on the average weekday and weekend day. No excuses this year. Even if I have to run laps up and down the steps to get it up to 10,000, Imma do it. (BTW -I might have to do that tonight. I refuse to fall off the wagon on 1/1.) I realize that this probably won't generate a ton of weight loss. But I have found that the more steps I take, the less my back hurts. Gah, I'm turning into such an old woman.

3) Crafty resolution #1: Cut into my fat quarter bundles - Christmas Past (Minick & Simpson) and Mistletoe Manor (3 Sisters). The Mistletoe Manor is definitely my favorite of the two, so that might take some hand-holding. I still haven't found that perfect pattern for it, but I'm toying with the idea of expanding this month's Schnibbles pattern (Madeline) to adapt it for Fat Quarters.

4) Crafty resolution #2: Make 1 quilt top from my scrap bins. Once I finish projects, I dutifully cut my larger leftovers into 2.5" and 1.5" strips and charm squares. Sometimes, when a pre-cut doesn't have enough of one shade or another, I dig through the bins to round out my color palate, but besides that, almost all the leftover pieces just sit there, unused. Now those leftovers are exploding out of their bins. The time has come to dip my toe into the world of scrap quilting. The past few months, I've been seeking inspiration from Bonnie Hunter's site. That woman's pure genius, I tell you. She lectured at one of my first DOQ Guild meetings, and I love her approach to quilting and piecing. Many times, as I browse the Interwebz looking for new or old fabric to buy, I head over to her site for a few minutes to remind myself how much I can do with what I already have.

5) Try out at least one new Durham restaurant each month. Even though we were in Durham (well fake Durham) for a couple of months before we moved into the house, we haven't really taken the opportunity to explore the food scene. Even when we want cheap Mexican, we find ourselves toying with the idea of driving all the way to Chapel Hill for our familiar haunts. That's just silly. It's time to embrace change, try new things, etc. etc. Being the ultimate nerds we are, as we watched the New Year's Eve celebrations the other night, we crafted a spreadsheet of Durham restaurants that have generated some good buzz among our friends. What we're looking for: a tasty diner (preferably one that always serves breakfast), a good pizza joint, a standby cheap Mexican place, Asian food, a local pub, and somewhere nice enough to take the folks. We realize that it will probably take longer than a year to fully explore our options. We MAYBE eat out a couple of times a month, after all. But we should be able to get a good start on our explorations in 2010.

I'm excited to get started on a great year! We have lots of projects queued up for the house and our individual interests. We're definitely going to learn a lot and have a ton of hard work ahead, but we're hoping to make time to play hard, too.

Good luck with your 2010 resolutions!!

Oh, and the photo has nothing to do with this post. It's my Christmas quilt, made (hand-quilted) by Mom - completed last year! I LOVE it. Since we moved in the middle of the holidays this year, we didn't do much by the way of decorating. But this quilt made it on our bed, and it made me smile every time I got ready for bed. THANKS MOM!

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