Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best Of My World This Week, Jan 15-22

I was looking back over my todo lists for this past week and realized I never posted my pseudo-weekly festival of links. So here's what caught my eye last week...

  • A Quilt from Fabric I Own - I've had this fabric on hand for a couple of years now, but I can't decide what I'm going to do with it. I've seen a couple of photos out in the blogosphere and even a few quilts at quilt shows made from this quilt. But the simplicity of this one is just so elegant.
  • Quilter's Daily Deal - I've long been a fan of Amazon's Daily Deals, but I didn't know about the quilter's equivalent until last night. These are good deals, people. All day yesterday, they sold a stack of Moda turnovers for $1.01 PER STACK. Unfortunately, they were all out. But don't worry, they re-post new deals every night @ midnight.
  • Ironing Board Cover - I've been a reader of Moda Bake Shop since its inception, and most of the tutorials are super-cute but not always appealing to me, since I'm usually drawn to bigger projects instead of smaller ones. This small project caught my eye because my ironing board is hideous. My brother "borrowed" my small travel ironing board when I was home one summer, and I hate to discourage good habits like ironing in my brother, so I let him have it. When I got back to NC, I was lucky enough to snag a full-sized ironing board from the dumpster at the Hubs's (then boyfriend's) apartment complex. Don't judge. College students whose rich parents are still footing the bill throw away lots of stuff in perfectly good condition. It's functional but definitely ugly.
  • Perhaps the easiest burp cloth tutorial ever - This is a great gift idea if you have loads of friends who seem to be popping out children. I follow a similar pattern to the one that Amy posts, and I can attest that these burp cloths are quick and easy to make and always appreciated.
  • Flickr's Quilting Bee Group - I'm toying with the idea of starting up a virtual quilting bee sometime this year, and this group's discussion forum has been especially helpful in laying out all the ins and outs, ups and downs, etc of participating in and running a quilting bee. Fun reading if you're into collaborative quilting.


  • United State of Pop 2009 - Anyone who's been in the car with me knows that I have a weakness for cheesy pop music. All my educated friends and coworkers listen to npr all. the. time. I like the funny shows on Saturday morning, heck, I even have them set up as podcasts to listen to at work. But when I'm in the car, the idea of talk radio just can't compete with the croonings of Jason Mraz, Justin Timberlake, and yes, even Miley Cyrus. This link is a collage of lots of chart-topping poppers from 2009, most of which are on my Guilty Pleasurz playlist.
  • Watch Free Documentaries Online - When we moved, I packed up our Netflix envelopes and it took me an Entire Month to find them. So we resorted to renting movies from our respective libraries at work and finding free stuff to watch online. I was pretty surprised to discover that this site actually has notable documentaries, not just movies uploaded by kids doing their end of semester projects.

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  1. Oh gosh....I think that I might become addicted to the Deal of the Day!