Tuesday, January 5, 2010


[Inspired by Camille]

Fabric line (for now)

Aster Manor by 3 Sisters. It would look great in a Victorian Valentine's Day quilt, don't you think? This is my 1st block for the Schnibbles pattern this month. Usually, I try to batch all the cutting, marking, stitching, ironing, etc. But this month, I'm just not that patient. I want to see how all the blox turn out IMMEDIATELY. So I'm planning to make one block/night until I've made 12? 16? I can't decide. But I just don't think I can stop at 9, like Carrie recommends.

Picture of me and the hubz

This canoe outing took place a couple of weeks before the wedding. Dad won a fancy schmancy state award for community service and had to go to Nashville to accept. The whole fam packed up and caravaned to Nashville to stay with our respective buddies. The Hubz and I stayed with one of my BFFs, who took us on a canoeing trip that Saturday. The river was less than rapidly rolling, and we kept getting stuck. The Hubz (Hubz-Elect at that point) was kind enough to keep pushing our canoe out of the mud when it got stuck, while we snapped photos for Facebook to document the journey.

Room in the house

The kitchen now! The arrival of the stove/oven sealed the deal. I christened the oven tonight with a less good pan of spinach lasagna. Absent-minded person that I am, I forgot to put in the cottage cheese. Oops. It wasn't quite as tasty as usual, but I guess it's appropriate to start the New Year with a lower fat version of spinach lasagna? No doubt the office/sewing room will take the kitchen's place, but the walls are still a terrible Irish Spring green, so I can only stay in there for about an hour at a time until my eyes start to hurt.

So what are your favorites?

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