Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Menu Plan Monday and WIP Wednesday all in one

We've had a plan this week, I promise. I've just been lazy in posting it.

Sunday - Hashbrown Casserole, Breakfast Burrito for Hubz, English Muffin Sandwich for me
Monday - Black Bean Soup and Corniest Herb Muffins (from Dorie)
Tuesday - Foster's Market Mac & Cheese, Salad (but we both ate huge lunches when we went out to eat with our respective coworkers, so we just had salad)
Wednesday - Double Decker Tacos
Thursday - Broccoli Cheese Soup and Baked Potato
Friday - Frozen Pizza, Salad
Saturday - Eat out?/Leftovers

For more weekly menus, be sure to take a look at OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday post for this week.

My life has recently been taken over by unpacking. Next Wednesday will mark our one-month anniversary of being in the house, so I feel like most of the rooms should at least be usable. Before last night, you couldn't even walk around in the dining room or living room. Now just the living room is a disaster area. Oh, and I've found that we moved waaay more than we should have. I already have 3 boxes of our junque ready to take to the Goodwill, and I still have a room full of stuff I haven't unpacked yet.

In crafty news, I'm still working on the Madeline top. Over the weekend, I figured that I pretty much had the hang of the block construction, so I was safe to cut up the fabric for the remainder of the blocks. Since the hard work is over, I've told myself that piecing the rest of the blocks will be easy-peasy and won't take any time at all. Well, it did take a little while. I finally settled in tonight, finished the blocks, and pieced together the middle. The borders come next!

In the background, I'm also working on my November Schnibbles top. I'm determined to finish this one by the end of the month. Again, I've done the hard part. I've matched up all the fabric pieces for the individual blocks. I just need to set aside some time to sit in front of the machine and piece away.

Oh, and my fabric came in for the Modern Siggy Swap, which means that the next time we settle down to watch TV, I can curl up with my mini cutting board and start going to town on the corner blocks.

Time to go to bed, so I can be rested enough to sew tomorrow!

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