Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WIP Wednesday - Still Schnibblin' Away

I'm so excited to show you the finished Madeline top! I think it might be my favorite Schnibbles pattern thus far, and the soft paisleys and florals of the Aster Manor line make it a prime candidate for a Valentine's Day wall hanging. The Hubz saw the finished product, and his first reaction was, "Great, the pink-ification of our living space has begun." He didn't believe me when I assured him that it would only hang around Valentine's Day - maybe next Valentine's Day, since there are other projects I want to finish in the next month ahead of this one. I'm also excited that we now have a clothesline I can use to take photos. The Hubz thinks it's ugly, and I don't really line-dry our clothes (even though I know it could save us lots o' money on our energy bill), so he's ready to go out there and dig up the posts. But it's such a perfect tool for hanging up quilts, don't you think?

I'm still stitching and pressing away on the Picnic top. I hope that by next week I'll actually have some finished blocks to show you. The more I work on this quilt, the more I like it. The Basic Grey fabric is definitely more modern than what I usually choose, but I'm especially fond of the peppermint prints.


  1. Love the colors of the Schnibbles! Pink is always a universally loved color.

    I am also starting to fall in love w/Basic Grey fabric.

  2. Your Schnibbles turned out beautiful in that fabric! Love it!

  3. Your Madeline is great. Can't wait to see the Picnic!