Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Schnibbles - DONE!

I'm a little shocked myself to say (type) it, but I completely finished my February Schnibbles pattern, soup to nuts, cutting to binding, etc. I even had time to throw it in the wash this morning to "quiltify" it and make it all puffy. Mark this month on your calendars folks because such an event may never happen again.

Now, about the pattern, fabric, etc... As I've said before, Mom gave me lots of her unwanted fabric a few weeks back. Included in this haul were a few pre-cuts, these charm packs being part of said haul. I remember when this line came out in stores. I usually like April Cornell, but I was less impressed. When I was going through the stuff Mom gave me, I thought to myself, "ulgh, I can't believe Mom bought this." It was just a little too cutesy, with all the tone on tone puppies and kitties in every color in the collection. All the pink, green, and purple reminded me of purple-haired old ladies' parlors, where they sit with their cats in their laps and natter on about the unruliness of the neighborhood kids. But I was determined to start using the fabric that Mom gave me, so despite my initial aversion to the collection, I pulled out the charm packs, some white yardage and started trimming all my little squares and rectangles.

It wasn't until I actually quilted the top yesterday that the fabric started to grow on me. (I'm still not a fan of the tone on tone puppy and kitty prints, but I made sure to slice those prints up as small as possible for the pieced border.)

We went to the mall yesterday to exchange some wedding gifts, and after a quick stroll through the Pottery Barn and PB Kids, I realized that the colors from A Little Romance are quite the rage among the kiddos' home dec right now. I suppose it all goes to show you that there are some fabrics out there that look a lot better sliced and diced in a quilt than they do on the bolt. I don't quite have the vision and talent it takes to see the potential in these less pretty fabrics, but maybe it will come one day.

For the quilting, I stippled in all the white space, a la Heather Mulder Peterson, then, I just did curvy outlines on the inside of the bowtie blocks.

Vital stats...
Started: February 2010
Finished: February 2010
Machine-pieced, machine-quilted
Fabric Collection: A Little Romance by April Cornell


  1. I am really enjoying your parade of finished porjects!

    I wasn't a fan of that fabric either, BUT I think that it works well in your Schnibbles quilt.

  2. I agree with your 'take' on the fabric. I bought loads of the white with puppy and kitty heads thinking it would make a great backing and just ran across it in my stash yesterday. Whatever was I thinking? Congratulations on totally finishing your Schnibbles. Something I have yet to do!