Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Motivation and Honesty

Last night, I read this post from Judy @ Patchwork Times. I hate to say it's sobering, because it didn't really make me sad to read it, but it was pretty convicting. If you're a quilter/crafter who has a few issues starting everything you finish, I would encourage you to go read it now. It's not long. I'll wait here. :)

So here's my quandary. Over the past year or so, I've been merrily making tops, with the secret hope that in a few years, I'll be the proud owner of a cute longarm quilting machine. (I guess it's not such a secret hope since I just announced it to blogland.) And at that point, I'll need lots of tops to practice using my longarm machine. But then I read that article and was hit pretty hard by the part about the quilt tops in the estate sales. Call me morbid, but my first thought was, "If anything happens to me, I don't want the fam to be stuck with all those tops. I want someone to see my finished quilts and fall in love with them, be it a stranger or family member." My next thought was, "Gee, I'm awfully vain." [Cue Carly Simon music here.]

What you see above are 10 quilt tops of varying sizes. My plan: Quilt these 10 tops by the end of the year, with the understanding that I'm probably going to be generating other quilt tops by the by. But that's okay, as long as these 10 are quilted, I'll feel a lot better.

These other quilt tops I speak of? Probably inspired by books like these. Of course the same night I make this kind of resolution I unpack these books. If you like the pre-cuts and you haven't taken a look at these books, take a look at them the next time you're in your quilt shop. Heather always designs great patterns that are fun to put together.

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