Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh Dorie, I do love you, but...

why do your recipes always require that I wash so many dishes???

For Valentine's Day, I told the Hubz I would make him a cake, any cake from any of our cookbooks. He chose this one. I am not exaggerating at all when I tell you that it has never taken me this long to make a cake in my life. I should have known, since the recipe is 2 1/2 pages long. Luckily, most of that text consists of really good directions. I made the chocolate creams last night, and this morning I made the actual cake, which stuck to the pan and was not salvageable. I blame the vacuum cleaner salesmen that showed up at our door in the middle of the process. So I just now finished making the cake again. Next, we get to assemble it. In the name of love, right?

In between the cake fiascos, I've been getting some sewing done. When I was on the phone with Mom one night last week, I pinned together the sandwiches for a few table runners. Pinning the sandwiches is my least favorite part of the quilting process, hands down. I've discovered that speaker phone has made it much more tolerable. Today, I stippled the runners, then made and attached the bindings. Now they're all ready for me to tack down by hand. I'll actually have something to work on when we watch movies now.

I also finished up the blocks for the modern siggy swap! Can't wait until next month when I get a bag full of everyone else's blocks! It will probably end up being my scrappiest creation to date. Well, unless I make good on one of my New Year's Resolutions and haul out my scraps for a scrappy top before the blocks arrive.

All in all, a productive day (except for the pile of laundry I haven't folded). We still have our Valentine's Dinner tonight, which will be Chinese takeout. I know it doesn't sound very romantic, but we didn't feel like fighting the crowds. Although we did want to try a new restaurant. So I declared it a low-maintenance holiday with Chinese takeout, since I've never had it before. I've had Chinese food, and I've had takeout, but I've never had Chinese takeout. And in all the chicklit books I read, the love-struck heroine and her luv interest consume Chinese takeout at some point during the plot. I feel like I'm really missing out on something. Maybe? I dunno. At least, it will be a new experience. If all goes well, maybe we'll even have cake for dessert.


  1. I was determined to make a homemade strawberry cake for my daughter's first birthday. Thank goodness I started the night before, because I had disaster after disaster of cakes. I finally made a white boxed cake, and then had problems with the frosting, too. Ack, way too much sugar and flour were sacrificed for that birthday. I'm glad that yours turned out without too much heartache!

    Enjoy your takeout, we don't eat out on V day, either.

  2. I hope the cake turns out for you because it looks divine!

    Great job on the table runner. Love the fabrics. Can't wait to see all of the siggy blocks!

    BTW-We are also doing takeout---we hate crowds & poor service.

    Enjoy your weekend!