Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In - late RSVP

Alright, I know it's the last minute, but count me in for the Friday Night Sew-In. All my fabric is cut and slightly sewn. I'm planning to work on a 9-patch using Verna by Kate Spain.

Here's a photo of all the pre-cut Verna goodness available. I'll be using a charm pack and some yardage. With any luck, I'll be done with it by the end of the weekend. Then I can start on my Schnibbles top in earnest.

It's not too late to sign up!

P.S. - If you haven't figured it out yet, we're a boring couple. I'll be sitting on one side of the office, sewing in my PJs, and the hubz will probably be on the opposite side of the room on facebook. Lunchtime's over. Back to work.

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