Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Resolution Update

This daylight savings time is kicking my butt, and it's not quite optimal for blog photos either. Last week, I thought that what with the sun rising earlier and all, I could actually snap a few photos of finished projects before I dash off to meet my somewhat hellish commute. But when DST kicked in, it's been much darker in the morning. Unfortunately, it's still pretty dark when I get home in the evenings. Alas, no finished projects to show quite yet. Feel free to click by me if you showed up for eye candy. Instead, I'm bringing you a resolution update.

1) Floss 4-5 times/week. It seems that the only time I even remember that I MADE this resolution is when I write these updates. Oops.

2) 10,000 steps/day - Better but not perfect. I'm averaging 8000 steps/day or so. Surprisingly, it's harder on the weekends when I'm not walking around the library from one meeting to another. It's tough to resist the urge to sit and sew for hours on end.

3) Cutting into fat quarter bundles - Not yet, but I still have big plans for at least one of them.

4) Scrap quilt top from my stash - Not yet, but it's on my list of March goals.

5) Trying new restaurants in Durham - we've only tried one, but I think it might be one of our new favorites. Honey's Diner, right off of I-85 is the only local joint we know of that's open 24 hours and serves breakfast all day long. We've been there for breakfast twice in the past couple of weeks.

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