Sunday, May 9, 2010

Best of My World - Month-Long Edition

Aren't you glad I'm finally posting about something other than my weekly menu plans? I've had this Best Of post in my drafts section for a few weeks now. I just kept adding and adding and adding to it because it didn't really seem that long to me. I was wrong, it's gotten a little long. Sorry y'all. So, I'm finally ripping off the band-aid and hitting the publish button.

  • Funky Quilted Binder Cover - My LQS linked to this old-ish tutorial this week, when they posted about spring cleaning. I'm planning to use the pattern to create a cover for my recipes binder.
  • Verna's Quilt Tutorial - Natalia posts the best tutorials. I want to make this out of all my favorite collections. Twice. The fact that she made it in Verna definitely makes it more appealing.
  • Nursing Cover Tutorial - For those situations in new mothers' lives when they'd prefer not to whip out their boobs in public.
  • Patience Corners - Quilt Blocks Galore is a great resource for swap/bee blocks, especially if you're into traditional piecing. I tagged this particular block because I think it would make a great pattern for all those jelly rolls you/I might have sitting around.
  • Oh, Fransonn! Makes a Quilt Sandwich - Is this how everyone else has been making quilt sandwiches all along, and I'm the odd one out? I tried out this method a few weeks ago, it was oh! so much easier.
  • Homemade Heating Pad - Because everyone wants a heating pad to match their throw pillows.
  • Quilt Yardage Calculator - Is there an iphone app like this? If so, I'm totally going to buy it (app and iphone) It would save me so many headaches and pieces of scrap paper when I'm buying fabric.
  • Zig Zag Quilt Along - All the links. In one place. Why haven't I started on this precious quilt already?


  • 10 Yard-Sale Entertaining Essentials - You could easily tote this list to the thrift store on your next trip. There's other stuff that I'd add (picture frames - anything can be spray-painted)/omit (chairs - the last thing we need in our house right now = more chairs) from the list, but it at least gets your creative juices flowing.
  • 36 Ways to Organize Your Food/Meals - I realize that not everyone is as nutty as I am when it comes to food, but in case you are, or would like to become nuttier, take a gander at some of these planners (all free for download!).
  • Ultimate Personal Growth Guide - I would rather die than be caught buying a self-help book, but I could probably spend hours reading the same content in blog format. Why is that? Does anyone else have this problem? If so, click on!

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