Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quilter's Choice for May Schnibbles

Can you believe it? I've actually finished my Schnibbles top for May with days to spare. I chose to make the x-rated pattern in Cotton Blossoms from Bonnie & Camille. I set aside the red, green, and brown squares for the border, and I have a whole charm pack and a half left over if I ever want to make the pattern again, with the orange and aqua squares in the border.

Some words about this pattern: It was different from other Schnibbles quilts I've made thus far, in that you don't construct small-ish blocks, then piece them together in rows. Instead, you cut out stacks of teeny-tiny squares, line them up on point to make the X's, then sew the rows together. This ended up being a little bit more tedious than I anticipated. More words: If you're someone who's likely to have an aneurysm every time your points don't line up, this pattern might not be for you. Even though there aren't any triangles to cause angst, all the background squares' corners are supposed to line up with the corners on the print squares. After the first row or two, I just took a deep breath and let it go. Not all my corners lined up, but I'm learning to be okay with that and enjoy the process.

Gunther was tired, too, after trying to make all the points line up.


  1. Your comment on Bananas prompted me to come over, I look at those patterns and think nah! not today and tomorrow never comes. Your quilts are very very nice.

  2. I almost did that pattern! Your turned out great with your choice of fabrics! I love it almost as much as your dog does!!!

  3. I love the way that the quilt top turned out! It was worth all of the heaertache :0)