Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sorry for the (two?) week-long hiatus. I went out of town this past week to visit the parents in Louisiana, and didn't spend much time in front of the computer. The sad news is that I seem to have forgotten how to assemble a paragraph of related thoughts and statements. The good news is that I have lots of random information to impart. In no particular order:

The Pioneer Woman Salsa I Linked to a Few Weeks Back
- Don't double it. Unless you're planning to have your local high school football team over to watch the Super Bowl. It makes Costco-like portions.
- Should you choose to ignore me and double it anyways, DON'T try to do it all at once in your food processor, unless you have an industrial-sized food processor. Trust me on this one, please. Or else you will make a mess.
- Ask me how I know all this.

Schnibbles Pattern for This Month
- Nicole posted some photos that lay out the basic steps for assembling this block, and I can't help but think that this method isn't the most efficient way to use the charm squares.
- I'm thinking that if I cut each charm square in half (2.5"x5"), sew each strip to a 2.5"x5" background strip, square these up, cut it in half on the diagonal, then make pinwheels from the HST units.
- Clear as mud? I thought so. I'll keep you updated on how it goes. Cutting all those units on the bias might be the end of me.

- Oh, and p.s., I've decided to use the Hunky Dory fabric by Chez Moi.

Finished TMQG Quilt Blocks
- I have a boatload of finished blocks queued up to show you for the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild's first block swap.
- But I'm still not done with all twelve of mine. I kind of need to get on that, since they're due a week from today.
- The story on this swap: Coordinated by John (that's right. I'm in a guild with the oh so famous QuiltDad.), each 12.5" block must contain a swatch of some size from one of the three Odyssea fat quarters we received a couple of months back.
- I've seen photos of some of the other swappers' finished blocks, and mine are pretty traditional. I keep thinking I'll get kicked out of this guild for not being modern enough.

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  1. Hi, Megan!

    Oh, I'd love to se the State Fair Schnibble in Hunky Dory! Best of luck to you.

    Just thought I'd warn you about your thought of making this block "simply". If you piece together one 2.5x5 inch strip of focus fabric with same size background and cut on the diagonal, you will be getting one piece with a long background strip and a small background triangle, and one that is a long bacground strip and a small focus triangle... You will also probably find the blocks don't line up with each other when you piece the top together.

    Why I know this? I have tried it ;o) In Eleanor Burns' book "Through the seasons" there is a quilt made as you describe and I did a sew-together with a friend (my quilt:

    Doing it this way will still make a lovely quilt, but you won't be getting the same look as the Schnibble pattern.

    Hope I didn't put a damper on your excitement, just thought I'd warn you before you did a lot of cutting and sewing.

    Happy quilting!
    Anne Ida