Tuesday, June 22, 2010


According to the esteemed Myers-Briggs test, my personality loves closure, thrives on it, actually. This might explain my obsessiveness, not just with list-making, but with crossing off items on the todo list. Long-time followers of my blog (I think there might be about 3 of you.) will notice that I haven't really finished anything lately. That's right, maybe a top here and there, but not a lot of soup to nuts, fabric selection to binding finishes this year. Click over to my tag cloud on the far right, and click the "finished" tab to see for yourself.

Okay, I just clicked over there and saw I finished a couple of quilts a little over a month ago. So maybe it hasn't been that bad. BUT I see the ever-growing stack of tops that I would like to quilt just getting bigger and bigger. See here for the state of things back in February. So, yeah. The resolution I so boldly proclaimed to the world a few short months ago about quilting one of those tops every month - hasn't gone exactly according to plan. I started with the best of intentions, but the plans kind of fell by the wayside when I saw all the new fabrics coming out, assessed the state of my scrap bins and decided a top must be made of my dark strips since I haven't been able to close that bin for the past few months, and deepened by obsession with all things flickr.

So I am proclaiming July 2010 to be the Month of Closure. I plan to make up for lost time and devote some serious attention to the tops I haven't quilted yet. Or should I absolutely have to start a quilt top (see Year of Schnibbles or petulant impatience), I will also dutifully quilt the quilt top, so as not to add to the stash of tops I have hiding from the Hubz under our guest bed. He never goes in that room. Too much pink carpet. Hopefully, the month won't end with closure like this - drunken phone calls to would-be ex-boyfriends.

Notice that I'm not resolving anything outlandish, like quilting 14 tops this month. That would just be crazy. In fact, I'm trying really hard NOT to assign myself a number of quilt tops that must be quilted. If I do that, I'm afraid I won't enjoy the quilting/binding process because I'll be so concerned about how far I am from reaching the arbitrary goal. Instead, I'm just pledging to bring a lil' bit more closure to my life this summer, in the form of a few finished quilts.

What all this means:
1) The majority of my "no questions asked" money - a.k.a. my allowance - in July will be budgeted for backings and batting - thousandsofbolts (backing) and the Joann's coupons (for batting) are about to become my new bffs.
2) I might have to filter all the sale alert emails that some people so kindly send to skip my inbox - these emails usually initiate some serious pre-cut stash-building binges.
3) I can't play along with all the flickr quilt-along groups that I've joined. Let's be honest. The pinwheel sampler quilt along that I so enthusiastically endorsed a few months back - haven't started. I can join the groups, but no playing along until August.
4) I am piecing tops like WHOA for the rest of this month. I have a spreadsheet (imagine that!) of all the miniature steps that need to be taken to finish 3 (3!) quilt tops between now and July 1. My nose will be glued to the grindstone for the next week or so, but I'm confident I can do it, as long as I'm not interrupted too much and have a stack of girly movies to watch.

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  1. Wow, Megan! Good luck with the closure! It'll be interesting to see how it goes....