Monday, June 7, 2010

TMQG Block Swap Episode 1

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, blocks are due on Sunday for the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild's first block swap. Here's a sneak peek of the blocks I made and where I found the patterns.

First up is Courthouse Steps, and I used the tutorial from Modify Tradition. Do y'all ever peruse that site? I've had a great time finding inspiration there for this particular swap. The patterns aren't necessarily that modern, hence the "tradition" part of the name, but they do use some bright modern fabrics that really punch up the patterns.

Next up is Patience Corners from Quilter's Cache. I've been doing the math in my head, and I think there just might be enough fabric in one jelly roll strip to make this block, with a few background squares. But before you go out and buy a whole jelly roll, make a sample block, okay?

Finally, this last block is called Old Maid's Puzzle, also from Quilter's Cache. That background fabric turned out waaaay brighter than what I anticipated. I'm kind of wishing I had gone with a plain bright white. But what's done is done. If I make this block again, I'll know for next time.

You know how on Sunday, I hinted that I might finish a quilt top this week? Hmm, yeah. I don't think that will happen. I'd like to go ahead and wrap up some of my "miscellaneous" crafty todos - my SewBeeIt block for the month, my round 2 siggy swap blocks, and maybe, just maybe baste one of my already existing quilt tops. I have everything but the batting.

Finally, I just wanted to let y'all know about 2 great giveaways going on this week.

1. Green Fairy Quilts via V & Co. - Judi from Green Fairy Quilts does some of the most inspirational machine quilting I've seen. Ever! Even if you don't like feathers, you should take a look. You'll be in awe. Oh, and she's giving away lots of good loot - 5 patterns + a Botany layer cake. Head over to V & Co. to read up on how you, too, can enter the contest!

2. The Quilt Shoppe via Jaybird Quilts - They're giving away a jelly cake (jelly roll+ layer cake) of Martinique. I love the Martinique line because #1 - it reminds me of the relaxing beach vacations we always took growing up, and #2 - it won't clash with the pepto pink carpet we have in our guest room. Head over to see Julie for your chance to win!

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  1. Megan,
    Thanks for blogging about our giveaway at Jaybird Quilts.

    Good luck :)