Thursday, June 10, 2010

TMQG Block Swap Episode 3

Honest to goodness, y'all, we're almost done with the blocks. Are you tired of them yet? I think I subconsciously saved my favorite ones for the last half. As I was uploading them to the post, I would think, "ooh, this one's my favorite," until I went to upload the next one, then "ooh, no! This one's my favorite!" Suffice it to say, we're getting into the blocks that I would seriously consider making again, given an abundant amount of free time and an unlimited supply of fabric.

The first block is called Eight Hands Around, and the tutorial is supplied by the lovely folks over at Modify Tradition. If I ever decide to make this block again, it will probably be in a sampler-type quilt. I love the block! But all those triangles started to test my patience there near the end. I'm not sure if I could soldier through making more than 1 or 2 of this block at a time. Should I ever decide to make a larger quilt using lots of this block, it would probably end of being one of those projects that "percolates."

The next block also comes from Modify Tradition (can you tell I love that place?), and it's called Magic Cross. My favorite things about this particular block: 1) it's a sawtooth star 2)the middle square's on point, and 3) the green flaps in the corners.

Hmm, okay, so maybe this one's my favorite. Once I finished all my blocks, I decided that my favorite ones are the ones that use the widest variety of prints. I love the way the pink shell print brings out the pink flowers in the green print. This block's called Bachelor's Puzzle, and I'm thinking it would look tres cool to make a big scrappy quilt from this block.

The final episode of the block swap is tomorrow!!! See y'all then.


  1. Great blocks!!! I'm not tired of seeing blocks. :-) But then I love fabric! So keep showing those blocks.

  2. I vote for block #3 also!

    Can't wait to see all of the together :0)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. These are gorgeous. What pretty fabrics, what is the collection?