Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just pretend...

Mom used to play that game with us when we whined about being bored or were enduring something terrible, like booster shots. Hopefully, reading my blog isn't boring or as painful as shots to a 5-year old. But anyways, moving along. Let's look at this photo and pretend:


1) that my carpet isn't so dirty. Ulgh.

2) that the makeshift piano key border actually extends ALLLL the way around Plan C.

Then you'll have a finished Schnibble.

I'm {this} close to being done with the top, and I could stay up another couple of hours to finish it. It's tempting, but sleep is going to win out this time, and I am determined not to regret this decision later.

Maybe if I had actually gone back and finished the Tagalong Schnibbles from way back in April, I might be a slightly more motivated to finish Plan C. But since there's no chance that I'll meet the final challenge of completing all 12 patterns within the year, I'm throwing in the towel on the last month. Also, in the spirit of this blog post, I think I'll actually enjoy the piecing more if I'm not bleary-eyed and clumsily stumbling around the sewing room, from the sewing machine to the iron.

I'd still like to go back and do the Tagalong pattern at some point, mostly because as I've mentioned before, I like closure. Since I have the larger version of the pattern - Tag Sale, I might even bust out a fat quarter tower to use for the project. See here and here for some pretty stinkin' inspiring quilts from this pattern.

Anyways, enough rambling for tonight. Be sure to check out Sinta and Sherry's blogs tomorrow for the August/September Parades of Schnibbles! The Schnibbles peeps never fail to crank out some awesome quilts each month!!


  1. I don't even need to pretend I like your new quilt , I love it !

  2. Hey! that looks just like my schnibble! Except the center is Short Story! LOL! Doesn't matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get to the border.
    My pickme up is that I'll have a quick finish for September! LOL!
    This one promises to be a beauty!

  3. I love your Plan C with or without the border! aaaand- there is still time! We today's parade... but, Oct 1st is a showing of Schnibbles by the dozen:) You always do fantastic work/love your quilts!!!

  4. Plan C turned out beautifully.
    Heehee, after reading your post I was tempted to do just the same ;o).
    I think if you'll decide to leave out the piano key border the quilt will be also perfect...
    Hugs, Julia