Friday, August 20, 2010

A Little More Time

A couple of days ago, Sarah challenged her readers to think about what they would do if some more free time magically materialized. Here's what I came up with...

if I had an extra hour . . .
if the clock were set back 60 minutes right now, i would:
★ honestly, I would probably sleep
★ take the dog for a long walk over at the state park
★ make a cooked breakfast on a weekday - the ultimate luxury - then clean up afterwards, so a sink of dirty dishes wasn't greeting me upon my return

if the power went out at the library today (it happened once!!) and I had the day off, I would:
✔ tidy up the house with a power cleaning hour
✔ take some photos of quilts and projects in the works during the daylight hours
✔ plan food and grocery list for the next week
✔ sew my August bee blocks
✔ spend an hour or two reading my book of the week
✔ unpack a few more boxes (Yes, we're still unpacking)
✔ take a carload of stuff to the Goodwill
✔ go get my public library card (I know, I'm a wretched librarian!)

if there was a library strike (hmm, not sure what would lead us to strike) and the whole week was cancelled, I would:
✿ spend the first day doing the things above
✿ quilt and bind the scrap quilt that's basted and ready to go
✿ take the Hubz out for lunch
✿ finish the August Schnibbles project
✿ blog at least three times
✿ watch a few movies from the Netflix instant queue
✿ walk the dog every day

if I were granted a one year paid leave of absence right now, I would:
♥ sew my way through a couple of quilt books, probably Jelly Roll Quilts and Schnibbles Times Two
♥ take a trip to Seattle and Portland - we've both always wanted to see the Pacific Northwest
♥ go bug my parents for a few weeks
♥ actually miss my job
♥ quilt all the tops that are stored under the guest bed
♥ finally figure out how to bake a decent loaf of bread
♥ write a few tutorials for the blog
♥ explore Durham some more
♥ get rid of everything in the house we don't love or use
♥ make our living room a little less 80s tastic - paint the walls, new couch cushions, slipcovers, a few handmade throwpillows, and what the heck, a couple of quilts to throw on the backs of the couch and chairs.

what would you do with ______ amount of time off? answer here, or post and comment with your link!


  1. I wasn't terribly creative, but this was great food for thought!

  2. If I had an extra hour, I would also take a nap!Ohhh one can dream right?

    Have a good weekend,

  3. hi megan! glad you liked it - are you new to the area!? if so welcome!!