Monday, August 23, 2010

Menu Plan Monday, 8/22-8/28 + Goals

I think I'm denial that August is almost over. Don't get me wrong. I'm not going to miss the ridiculously humid days of summer, but I am a little shocked at how quickly the summer's flown by. Geez, I'm getting old, yada yada yada. Before the month draws to a close, however, there are a few things I'd like to finish. If you're interested, keep reading...

1) The final installment in the Year of Schnibbles - Plan C in Simple Abundance. I have not even started. Oops.

2) Cut out the fabric for Triangle Modern Quilt Guild's Glam Garden Gala. I don't even wanna think about what kinds of favors Quilt Dad had to call in to make this happen. But he secured the equivalent of a layer cake in this collection from Robert Kaufman for all willing guild participants. The catch? We have to use the fabric from the 10" squares + 1 (and only one) other fabric to make a quilt by our October meeting. Again, I haven't even started. BUT I have a plan, and I've made a practice square to make sure I know what I'm doing. That counts, right? A big shout-out and THANK YOU to Robert Kaufman for generously donating the fabric!!! Be sure to check out their website - in addition to being the Papa Bear Company of quilters' solids, they have lots of other great collections coming out soon!

Finally, because it's Monday, here's what we're having to eat this week...

Spinach Risotto
Tortilla Soup, Homemade Taquitos (holdover from last week)
Pizza, Salad
Black Beans and Rice with Mangoes
Broccoli Cheese Soup, Baked Potatoes
Dinner Out with Friends!

Since we're DINKs (double-income-no-kids), I didn't think that back to school week would affect us that much. Alas, a slight change in the bus schedule is slightly disrupting my routine, so I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible this week. I know, a slight change shouldn't be that disruptive to our dinner routine, but I'm channeling Stewie here.

For more menus, be sure to check out today's post on OrgJunkie!


  1. Final installment already? I am determined to finish my Short Story for reveal time on Sept 1st but I need a bit more of the fabric I'm using and that won't arrive until sometime this week. Funny how you are wrapping up the series with Simple Abundance (a favorite for me) and I started it with that line.
    It was coming out this time last year and I remember that I ordered everything at the last minute because the yardage didn't arrive until that last week in September!

    Good luck on your projects!

  2. The spinach risotto looks delicious! I would love to try that. Looks like you have a great week.