Monday, August 16, 2010

Still Catching Up

Again, I went a whole 'nother week with NO posts. Somehow, the week felt busy, but I'm still trying to figure out what exactly I did. I surely didn't clean the house, and I kind of kept up with laundry. I did manage to get some time in the sewing room, but not nearly as much as I might have hoped. Oh well, we ate well and caught up on tons of rest after the shower last weekend, so at least it wasn't a total waste.

I did finally hunker down to make and attach the bindings for the small quilts Gunther took it upon himself to break in. I see lots of movies and/or mindless TV in my future (hopefully) so I can curl up on the couch and tack down the bindings on the other side of the quilts.


I'm also huffing and puffing to catch up with Karrie's Charm Pack Quilt-Along. It took nearly half a season of Mad Men to get me through it, but I finally finished pressing and squaring up all the half-square triangles Thursday night.


[Sidenote: speaking of Mad Men, is it just me, or was Pete Campbell a total sleaze in Season 1? We've watched the first 3 seasons so far, and since we don't have cable and I'm missing season 4, I'm going back and watching the first 3 seasons all over again. I'm pretty sure they toned down his personality quite a bit over the course of the show. I cannot stinkin' stand the man in Season 1.]

Anyways, squaring up my HSTs... I know it will all be worth it in the end, but good lawd, it takes awhile to trim away that 1/16" or so off all sides of the squares. I'm about halfway through the 4-patches and can hopefully catch up in the next couple of days. All this mess of fabric came from my stash, y'all. That's right. No trips to the fabric shop for this quilt (so far - I still haven't purchased the backing or border). And I STILL have a mountain of scrappy charm squares. I could probably make this quilt three more times and still have enough squares left over to cover our front yard. Hmm, okay, maybe not that much. But seriously. I think the charm squares are reproducing while I sleep.

Finally, because it's Monday, and because you're all dying to know, here's what we're eating this week...

Twice-Baked Potatoes, Broccoli (because we never got around to it last week)
Chicken Tender Salad (to pay penance for the potatoes)
Frozen Pizza, Salad
Vegetarian Chili, Baked Potatoes
Mexican Pizza (a vision that came to the Hubz the other day)
Tortellini and Vodka Sauce, Zucchini

For more menus, be sure to check out today's Menu Plan Monday on OrgJunkie!


  1. Don't feel bad, Megan - I'm behind on my quilt-along stuff too - and it's the trimming up that's keeping me behind! It's just so tedious- but so necessary! I may just sew up all my 4-patches and then trim enough for a block at a time - that way I can spread out the trimming, interspersed with something that feels productive!

  2. Tortilla Soup, and Homemade Taquitos I want to come over for dinner!!

  3. I've been lacking in the blogging all the things I've been doing. Slow week for the web. And trimming off 1/16 seriously? You are way too precise! Come over to the dark side of no measuring.