Saturday, September 25, 2010

Best of My World since Forever

It's been a reaaaaallly long time since I've written one of these posts, so there are lots and lots of links to share. So that it's not too overwhelming, I'm breaking it up over two days. Look for Part II tomorrow.


  • Modern Fall 3-D Wreath - I didn't discover Tatertots and Jelly until yesterday. When I checked her g-reader stats, there are over 9300+ subscribers. Apparently, I'm kind of out of the loop. Check out this wreath. It's awesome. Then check out this wreath, too. It's equally awesome. Excuse me while I go to Michael's to buy all these supplies.
  • Missy's Fall Garden Quilt - Everything about this pattern makes me happy.
  • Designer Shower Curtain - I think I might try to make a shower curtain for the master bath, that is if we ever finish it.
  • Machine Quilting Swirls - Natalia's quilting is pretty much amazing. I could watch these videos all. day. long.
  • Lawn Chair Quilts - Monica's style is so fresh and creative, and true to their name, these quilts remind me of those scratchy lawn chairs my parents used to have in the backyard growing up.
  • Year of Schnibbles Re-set - Sinta and Sherry are re-booting the Year of Schnibbles and re-naming it Le Petite. (because everything sounds fancier in French) Our first project: to re-cover our ironing boards - deeeeesperately needs to be done in my case. Project #2: Paganini - I'm over the moon about this one!
  • A Versatile Block - Ever since I fell in love with the Stashbuster blocks (I and II), when Little Miss Shabby recommends a block, I sit up and listen.
  • An Inexpensive Way to House Your Stash - I really really want to make this work for a number of reasons. 1) it looks pretty on the shelves and 2) it seems pretty green, re-using something instead of just recycling it. But I don't think I'm organized enough.
  • A Zig-Zag Throw Pillow - Get the Anthropologie look without the Anthropologie price tag.
  • Flower Swirl - Free Motion Quilting - Again, I cannot tell y'all how helpful it is for me to watch other people machine-quilt. Judi's in a class by herself. Go see for yourself.
  • Crispy Baked Taco Bowls - Mmmmm, mini taco salads. Everything's more fun in miniature.
  • Cheap French Bread - I'VE DONE IT! I had to modify this recipe slightly - added more water and less mixing time - but this recipe led to my most successful loaves of bread EVER.

Red Velvet Shortbread Cookies


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