Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UFO Busting with Pat Sloan, Step 1

A few weeks ago, Pat Sloan started a series of UFO Buster Tips. What is a UFO? probably has the most succinct definition: A UFO is an Unfinished Object--the remnants of those quilts we start to make but never seem to finish.

I'm already a bit behind on Pat's tips, but I'm going to try my darndest to catch up, since the first few tips are mainly just housekeeping.

So, Tip #1: Know what you have and categorize it.

Group A - Almost done
– not much left to finish it AND I LOVE the project and WANT to finish it

My First Scrap Quilt!
  • Scrap Quilt I - It's all basted. I just have to quilt and bind it.
Group B – Almost done but .....This is the group that you have lost interest in and really don't feel like working on it any more.. GIVE THEM AWAY.. yep.. you'll feel MUCH better.

State Fair leftovers
  • Peace on Earth Sampler - I don't think this project has even seen the light of day on my blog or flickr. I started it a few years ago as a Christmas present for the Hubz. I loved the fabrics separately, but once I put them all together, the quilt started to look a little girly.
  • Leftovers from Hunky Dory State Fair Schnibbles (leftovers pictured above)
  • Figgy Pudding Picnic II - leftover basket blocks from the first Figgy Pudding quilt

Group C – Partially done AND I LOVE the project and WANT to finish it

Charm pack quilt along completed blocks
Group D – Partially done but....Do you REALLY want to finish them? I think we often have more in these piles than we think we do

Group E – Barely started – do you want to keep or not?
Whew, you'd never guess that I was on a crusade for closure a few short months ago.


  1. Everyone is so obsessed with their stash lately. I neaten mine up, then I do a project and it gets all messed up again, so I neaten it up again, lol. But i know exactly what I have. Love the name of your blog.

  2. Don't feel bad. I've been on the same crusades. Problem is, I'm more likely to have the energy and drive to sew...when I'm anywhere but home. At the end of a long day full of nasty patrons and hours-long meetings, I normally just want to fall in bed instead of working on a project. I have some plans to deal with a couple of UFOs while I'm on vacation next week, but that may well be it until after the first of the year.

    I can live with that!

  3. You've been very brave! I haven't dared to count all my ufos...not to mention to categorize them...
    I do love the quilts-to-be you showed and hope you'll achieve your goal of finishing the ones that you really like!

  4. So glad you are working along with me!! UFO's are just part of life and every so often we just need to get them in line!

  5. Megan, if you want a good home for your Group B UFO's, you can send them to me - we will use them in our quilt ministry and find someone who needs and will love them! Then you can stop feeling guilty and start feeling benevolent!