Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UFO Busting with Pat Sloan, Step 2

The next step that Pat posted a couple of weeks back was to pick a few UFOs to work on.

She gave lots of ideas on how to choose. Pick one that is...
  • Fast to finish
  • Looming with a deadline
  • Fun to work on
  • A long-term project
  • Intended to be a gift
  • A love in your quilting life and can finish easily

Ultimately, Pat recommends narrowing down your choices to between 3 and 10 projects. I'm going to err on the side of caution and only choose three.


I'm going to go ahead and say the same thing I've said to a couple of commenters. I don't know that I'm going to be able to completely finish these projects by the end of this UFO-busting process, but if I can at least move a few of them from one stage of the process to the next - quilt top to basted quilt top, or quilt blocks to pieced quilt tops - I'll consider the UFO-busting challenge a smashing success.

Now, down to business. My 3 favorite works in progress...

  1. The Martinique quilt - Despite the epic arithmetic blunder from the summer, I'm still enamored with this fabric and cannot wait to see the finished product.
  • The Scrap Quilt - Admittedly, I'm adding this one to the list because it's the closest to being finished. But there really is something special about this quilt. It's my first "true" scrap quilt, where I just pulled a bunch of dark 2.5" strips out of my 2.5" dark scrap bin and didn't worry about anything matching. Even the leftover blocks on the back are all mis-matched and even mis-pieced in some places. I think that adds to its overall charm, though.

My stash in various levels of organization. My scrap bins are in the right set of bookcases on the middle shelf.
  • I think I'm going to have to say that the Gobble Gobble 9-Patch would be my final pick. I'd love to be able to finish this quilt in time to enjoy it before Thanksgiving or at least during Thanksgiving weekend, but eh, we'll see.

Gobble Gobble NIne Patch

A little over a year ago, Pat issued a challenge to Moda Bake Shop readers to use Gobble Gobble fabric in some way to decorate their home for the fall holidays. Waaaay back then, I started on this project but obviously never finished it. I think it would be neat to wrap up this project for another challenge that Pat issued. See the flickr pool for pictures for more Gobble Gobble projects from last year's challenge.

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  1. I am cheering you on girl because I really want to see that Martinique quilt!