Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Focus Pocus

It seems like every time I hone in on a couple of specific projects to work on for awhile, I get distracted by other grandiose ideas. I blame the Internet and my addiction to it. Oh, and all the incredibly crafty people out there on the Internet.

Well all that, AND I'm also about to hit a "wall" with one of my projects - I'm almost to the basting. So I think my subconscious is working in overdrive to think of all the quilty things I could do BESIDES baste a quilt top. Here are a few ideas that are currently distracting me...

*The String-X Block - I REALLY want to lock myself away in my sewing room with my bin of 1.5" strips (below) for an evening and go to town on this block.

distraction #1

*Selvedge Spiderwebs - I've accrued a few Moda scrapbags over the past year or so, and I haven't cut into a single one of them. A selvedge quilt perhaps???

distraction #2

*My HST leftovers - You know all those little triangles you cut away when you make flying-geese or snowball blocks? I save all mine in ziploc bags, by project, which are then all stored in one of those large rectangular plastic zipper bags you get when you buy sheets. (#iamnuts) I have big dreams of cranking out a few quilts with tons of blank space and all these little triangles scattered throughout maybe pieced into pinwheels or diamonds. Eh, maybe someday. For inspiration, see here and here.

distraction #3

*Crumb-piecing - I've linked to it before, and I work on my crumb blocks somewhat sporadically, usually between projects or when I'm stalling and putting off basting a quilt. Ahem. I have a small collection of about (10) 5" crumb-pieced blocks. Once I get to 25 blocks, I'm planning to sash them with a Kona solid, find a great large-scale border from this collection maybe, and make a throw quilt.

distraction #4

Do you detect a theme among my distractions? Most of them have to do with (somewhat tediously) using up every last bit of all my leftover fabrics. Never mind I have a bookcase and a half of yardage, along with a whole dresser-ful of pre-cuts. My subconscious is currently obsessing over getting my money's worth out of the little bits and revisiting my leftovers.

What are your crafty distractions?

Oh, and I almost forgot. Here's what we're eating this week...

For more of this week's menus, be sure to check out OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday post for the week!

Finally, Burgundy Buttons and Cluck Cluck Sew are teaming up for a giveaway. I try not to spam my own blog with lots of giveaway information, but 1) Allison's blog is always lots o' fun with crisp, fresh photos and 2) Burgundy Buttons is one of my favorite online shops for pre-cuts. PLUS there's a coupon code available for Cluck Cluck Sew readers, so go read up on the giveaway details and grab the coupon code before it expires to get a jump-start on your holiday shopping. Be sure to check out their sale section. It's amazing. But note that yardage is priced by the HALF-yard.


  1. Ok, it's a little spooky that you and I are so on the same wavelength. I have a quilt half-finished on my design wall (needs sashing--ick), and 2 pillow tops that need sashing, basting and finishing. What would I rather be doing? Well, I spent my lunch break drafting the layout for a spiderweb quilt!! (I have 2 gallon zip bags full of strings, not including more in my scrap bin at the moment.)

    Right now, I'm promising myself that if I finish the three wips above before Xmas, I can start something new after the first of the year. I'm hoping that's enough motivation!

  2. Spinach and Goat Cheese Risotto = brilliant find!

  3. love the HST idea, you must do it!