Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Crafting: Keepin' it Real


I'm going to try really hard not to sound too preachy here, especially in light of the fact that I'm preaching to myself. But I need to confess that I'm overwhelming myself ever so slightly with the insatiable need to diy an unreasonable amount of Christmas gifts and decorations. While yes, it would be great to have a houseful of decorations I'd made myself and give all my friends and family meaningful gifts I've stitched with luv, I do want to spend some time outside the sewing room enjoying the season and eating cookies. Just as a reminder to myself more than anything, here are a few tips and reminders on having a happy handmade holiday, where hopefully, your gifts don't end up on regretsy.
  1. Have a PLAN.
  2. Have a plan in PLACE by 1 December at the absolute latest.
  3. Have all needed supplies by 5 December.
  4. Will any of these gifts need to be shipped? They need to be completed and in the mail by 15 December. Adjust your plan accordingly.
  5. Set realistic limits. Don't go whole-hog handmade Christmas if this is your first year making your own handmade gifts. Ease into it. Start out by making gifts for just a few people on your list. Alternately, if the gift is handmade, don't feel like the wrapping job and gift tag need to be a work of art.
  6. Accept the fact that making these gifts is going to cut into your normal crafty time. Adjust other crafty goals and commitments accordingly.
  7. Have FUN. This is your hobby.

Anyone else have any sage advice or words of encouragement about holiday crafting to pass along?

If anyone is here for the food, here's what we're eating this week...

And I would be remiss if I failed to share with you the excellent recipe I used to knock out the bag of shredded turkey leftovers I scored from the in-laws - Old-Fashioned Turkey Noodle Soup from The Foster's Market Cookbook - Labor-intensive? Um, definitely. But well worth it.

For other menu plans, be sure to check out this week's Menu Plan Monday post on!


  1. Great list! The only thing I would add is that if any of your intended recipients aren't going to be upset if their gift is late, they are the ones to put on the end of the list! My sister seldom gets her gift from me on Christmas, but she's grown accustomed to it so I know that I can bump her to the end of the list if I start running short of time!

  2. Last year I made gifts for almost everyone on my list, but nothing for decorating the house. This year I've decided not to make anyone gifts, but instead concentrate on the house. I figure if I alternate years like this, I won't wear myself out trying to make everything. Good luck!