Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Well, I had high pie in the sky hopes to finish this 12 Days of Christmas quilt for the beginning of SewCalGal's Holiday Quilt Festival, but now, I'm shooting to eek in my entry by the last day - the 21st. By the way, have you dropped by to drool over/peruse the holiday quilts that have been posted so far? They're beautiful!


Keep an eye out for a tutorial on this one! It's going to be the first (of hopefully many) in my Just One Charm Pack Series of tutorials!

Speaking of holiday quilts, I just wanted to let y'all know about a new challenge blog that's popped up in the past week or so. Paula is coordinating a themed sewing challenge every few weeks. The first challenge? Anything holiday-related! So if you're submitting a quilt for SewCalGal's show, you might as well submit an entry to Paula's first challenge.


Finally, after a week to "digest" these results (sorry, I couldn't help it), it's time to re-cap my first poll. I asked readers to pick their favorite Thanksgiving side dish. And the stuffing won out with 38% of the vote, with sweet potato casserole a close second!


Honestly, I've never been terribly wild about The Stuff. I can't explain why. All the other carbs on the table (mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, homemade rolls) just appealed to my palate a little more, I suppose. Mom sometimes made cornbread dressing at my brother's request, which is kind of different from what I understand. We usually had broccoli casserole instead - probably pretty similar to dressing or stuffing but creamier and with broccoli. So really not all that much like dressing or stuffing.

Anyways, the next poll focuses on desserts, specifically pies. Did your mouth just water like mine did? What's your favorite Thanksgiving pie? If lightning struck the holiday dessert table and charred all but 1 pie, which flavor pie would you want to be spared? Vote over on the right sidebar!


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