Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Resolution #1 - Unfinished Business

Over the past few days, I've seen a whole mess of quilters resolving to finish all their UFOs (unfinished objects). I like the idea of that, but I just can't see myself actually finishing EVERYTHING that's currently unfinished. What can I say? I'm afraid of commitment. So in the spirit of realistic expectations, instead of resolving to completely finish all my UFOs in 2011, I'm going to resolve to bring all of them at least one step closer to completion. If I happen to get on a roll and actually finish something, woohoo for me! I've exceeded expectations. See below for the full list (in no particular order), describing where each project sits at this point.

Scrap Quilt I - Largely based on this tutorial over at Cluck Cluck Sew. At this point, it's been quilted and even has the binding sewn down on one side. I just need to hand-sew it down on the other side. I should be able to knock that out during a movie night with the Husbatron.


Plan C in Simple Abundance - The top is complete (pattern from Schnibbles Times Two), and I even have the backing and binding fabric. I need to piece the batting together, baste the quilt, and quilt it.


Charm Pack Quilt Along - I've been following KarrieLyne's quilt-along on my own time. All the blocks are finished. Next step: create a quilt top.

blocks for KarrieLyne's quilt along
Cotton Blossoms Pint-Sized Wild Thing - A modified version of Camille's Pint-Sized pattern of Wild Thing. Next step: create a quilt top.

pint-sized wild thing

Martinique blocks - So this project has been a minor disaster from the beginning, so I keep avoiding it. Next step: Get over it and create a quilt top. Once that part's done, maybe I can put all my arithmetic fails behind me and enjoy the quilting process eventually.

the perpetual disaster

Pumpkins Gone Wild - I used a pattern from Heather Mulder Peterson's Sizzlin' Sixties book for this quilt. I need to back it, baste it, and quilt it.

Pumpkins Gone Wild for Hexagons

Gobble Gobble Inverted 9-Patch - Before I posted the tutorial, I made 3 different versions of this quilt. This one was the first. I have the backing fabric. I need to piece it together, baste the quilt, and quilt it.

Gobble Gobble NIne Patch

Verna Inverted 9-Patch - Another version of the inverted 9-patch that needs a backing pieced, to be basted, then quilted.

Verna Nine Patch

Christmas Past Lone Star - In the thick of wedding planning in summer of 2009, Mom and I got together one weekend for our own mini-quilt along using this pattern from Fig Tree Quilts (also found in Jelly Roll Quilts). I'm not sure what we were thinking. After that weekend, neither one of us has touched our respective quilts. I'd like to get the quilt top put together sometime this year.

ignored lone star

Glace Schnibbles - The first pattern - Winter White - in the Year of Schnibbles. It needs to be backed, basted, and quilted.

Schnibbles Winter White

Wee Play Square in Square - I used 3 charm packs for this quilt, along with a navy blue solid. It needs to be backed, basted, and quilted. Notice a pattern here?

Wee Play Charm Square Quilt

Portugal Rail Fence - I made this one from a layer cake of Portugal by April Cornell. It needs to be backed, basted, and quilted.

Portugal Layer Cake Quilt

Figgy Pudding Picnic - Another Schnibbles pattern (modified from the original pattern). It needs to be backed, basted, and quilted.

Picnic Schnibbles

Triangle Modern Quilt Guild Bee Blocks - These are all the blocks I received from the TMQG swap over the summer. I'd like to piece them all together in a quilt top by the end of the year.

tmqg swap blocks

Figgy Pudding Picnic II - These are all the leftover blocks. Notice the baskets point out instead of inwards on these. I think I'm going to un-piece the large blocks and work with the 4 small basket blocks that come out of each larger block. Goal: make a top.

leftover picnic blocks

Pastel Half Square Triangles - I started mindlessly cutting and piecing this fabric a couple of years back, in hopes that "in my spare time," I'd find something to do with them. Let's face it. There is no longer such a thing as "spare time", when it comes to my craftiness. I'd like to turn them into a top of some flavor and variety by the end of the year.

forgotten in the archives

Peace on Earth Disappearing 9-Patch - I finally jumped on the d9p train over the summer, with a few Peace on Earth charm packs. This top needs to be backed, basted, and quilted.

Disappearing Nine-Patch

Siggy Swaps I and II - I participated in Rachel's Modern Siggy Swaps last year, which were lots of fun. I'd like to crank out a couple of quilt tops from the siggy blocks sometime this year.

siggy swap blocks

Mini-quilts - I put these two mini-quilts together from an old charm pack Mom gave me. I originally intended to donate them to the guild's silent auction at the show this year, but I just didn't finish them in time. They both lack binding. I'm sure I can find something to do with them, once they're finished.

Need some binding

Light Charm squares - I pulled 100 light charm squares from my scrap bin to make room for more charm squares. After cutting them all in half (into 2.5"x5" logs), I promptly put them back on the shelf. I'd like to turn them into at least a stack of blocks by the end of the year.

project kinda started

Fresh Squeezed Bars - I completely forgot I even had this fabric until I was digging around in one of my drawers for something else. It used to be a Fresh-Squeezed layer cake by Sandy Gervais, but at some point, I saw fit to cut it into a bunch of 2.5"x5" logs. I have no idea why. Hopefully, I can figure out something to do with it by the end of the year.

forgotten in the archives

Well, there you have it - all my unfinished dirty laundry. Now you see why I didn't resolve to completely finish everything. Here's to a year that inches ever so slowly towards closure.


  1. Looks like you need to bribe someone to make your quilt tops into quilt sandwiches - which appears to be your sticking point! I know it's usually mine - not because I mind doing it, but because it's such a big job! Your quilts are all lovely, though - I love that retro '60s pumpkin quilt!!

  2. I think you have had a lot of accomplishments during the past year! I love your projects!

  3. Holy smokes woman! All that work you've put into all those tops, finish some! Think of all the time and money you have sitting there unfinished.