Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Resolution #2 - By the Book

I hope she doesn't mind, but I'm shamelessly copying one of Becky's 2011 resolutions. I would like to make better use of my quilt book collection. Being a librarian and natural-born book fiend, I have a pretty hefty quilt book collection. I can always justify the purchase of a quilt book, because ideally, I'll use it more than once, since it's more of a reference book than a novel or traditional monograph.

I usually peruse one or two of my own quilt books a week and think to myself how lovely some of the patterns are and hmm, wouldn't that pattern look nice in such and such fabric that I have. But the quilt patterns that are on my mind's forefront and that generally get made are usually based off of quilts I see online. It's not until I see a picture of a quilt online that's been made from a book I own that I realize I can make that quilt myself without having to sit down with my graph paper and calculator to figure it out.

It's time to put my quilt books to work. Here are the ones I have in mind right now.

from the shelf

Jelly Roll Quilts because this is the state of my jelly roll drawer.

more work to do

Spice of Life Quilts because I want to bite the bullet and make something out of my Mistletoe Manor fat quarter tower.

still can't cut into it.

Two of the patterns from this book that are calling my name are this one - Elizabeth (See here for Lisa's version in a Blackbird Designs collection and here for Nicole's version in Rouenneries by French General - swoon)

also to do?

and this one - Opening Day. (See Nicole's version here in Roman Holiday by 3 Sisters, Erica's version here in Patisserie by Fig Tree Quilts (swoon), Wendy's version in Aster Manor by 3 Sisters, and Claudia's version in Sonnet by April Cornell.)

to do?

Also, there's the Mix and Match book that I keep coming back to, looking for setting ideas for my TMQG bee blocks.

tmqg swap blocks

So, to clearly define my resolution, I'd like to complete at least 2 quilt tops this year, using 2 different quilt books from my collection. (Chosen books and fabric subject to change without notice.)


  1. Good goal! I weeded out a lot of books out of my collection recently that I wasn't likely to use - but I should check out the remaining books! I've started requesting the books at my library - they buy them, and I can use them, but so can all the other quilters in the area! Win-win!!

  2. Thank you so much for commenting on my Opening Day quilt. I really enjoy Miss Rosie's patterns. Elizabeth is fun to piece too, I've made it twice.