Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best of My World for awhile

It's been a good long time since I've posted one of these lists, so a few holiday links have worked their way in here. If the ideas strike your fancy, just file them away for next year.

I hope y'all are finding lots of inspiration in the New Year!!!

  • Mop Shoes - I don't mop nearly as often as I should. Would this make it more fun?
  • Mosaic Star - This would be a great way to put a layer cake or honey bun (1.5" strips) to work.
  • DIY Rug - A less labor-intensive alternative to a dropcloth rug.
  • Argyle Pillow - I love argyle on my socks. How could I not love it on a pillow?
  • Sturdy Stylin' Firewood Carrier - that would look a lot better than a stack of old logs on the corner of the fireplace, right?
  • Subway Map Quilting - I really want to try out this quilting design. It's like stippling, but with edges.





  1. Megan, if all I read on your list was the analogies by high school students, it would be worth it - but there's lots of good stuff on here tonight! Love the list of things you can give up, and the firewood carrier, but I've got to stop laughing, or I won't be able to do anything else!! Thanks!

  2. I am SO making stockings with that easy stocking tutorial. I mean, I've already made them for my family, but for gifts. So simple and brilliant. You could totally add interfacing or embellishments before sewing them together. Would have to figure out where to add a hanging loop to the side seam though.