Friday, January 21, 2011

Coming Clean + a Finish

First of all, I have a confession. About 2 hours before I posted yesterday's post about organization, I realized that I had lost my marriage certificate. That's right. My marriage certificate. That official legal document representing the happiest day of my life. It wasn't in any of the obvious places. I spent about 3 hours turning the house upside down, looking for it so I could finally change my name after almost 1.5 years of marital bliss #organizationfail

On a happy note, evidence of said marital bliss:



4th of July

Anyways, I'm a hypocrite. I may have my sewing stuff in order, but I'm not very organized when it comes to important life stuff. Come to think of it, I have no idea where my birth certificate is. Oi.

The good news:
1) The Husbatron found our marriage certificate in less than 30 minutes, in one of our storage attics, tucked away in a file folder with a few copies of his outdated resume. As of today, I've officially begun the name-change process.

2) I finished a quilt!!

simple abundance - my favorite block

I think this quilt is the last of what they call my "low-hanging fruit" in management-speak, meaning it's the last small quilt top that needed to be quilted. All my other flimsies are lap-sized or larger.

close-up of quilting

Sigh. Anyways, I made this as my "Schnibbler's Choice" quilt back in August for the Year of Schnibbles. The pattern: Plan C. I found it in my copy of this book. It went together fairly quickly, and I've luved every version of this quilt I've seen thus far - exhibits A, B, and C.

simple abundance plan c from the side
Vital stats:
Started: August 2010
Finished: January 2011
Machine-pieced, machine-quilted
Fabric collection: Simple Abundance by Bonnie & Camille

simple abundance plan c


  1. Hi, Megan! That's a beautiful little quilt - I love the pattern!! I will commiserate with you about being unorganized in the important stuff - I can't ever find any important documents when I need them!

    Thanks for linking up! See you next week!!!

  2. Gosh, those are some pretty fabrics in that quilt, and the pattern is very eye-catching. I love red in a quilt. Way to go!

  3. love the colors in your quilt. I love the stars! Very nice work

  4. beautiful finish!!! I love stars and especially when they are scrappy. Congrats on your finish. I know what you mean about the low hanging fruit, I just finished the last of mine. Now time for the serious sewing!!

  5. LOVE the quilt! Congrats on the finish...and finding your marriage certificate. =)

  6. (I'm not terribly organized either...eeps!)

    beautiful quilt though! :)