Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back to my UFOs for a bit

I feel like my craftiness has been slightly erratic over the past couple of weeks or so. One part of me thinks, "eh, what does it matter? Any progress = forward progress. As long as I'm 1) having fun and 2) using up my fabric without buying too much more, what's the harm?" The other part of me blames the (re)discovery of fabric in the attic, quickly followed by disarray in the sewing room for my lack of perseverance when it comes to actually finishing a project. And yet another small part of me blames work. It's been busy, which I actually love, but after work + commute + dinner + walking the dog, I'm completely drained, and there's not much energy left to sew.

Anyways, here's a craftiness update...

I stopped in the middle of my pint-sized project to buy more background fabric to match the initial cream background I started with. (apologies for the preposition at the end of that sentence) So that project came to a screeching halt while I spent a couple of days searching for Hancock coupons then remembering to actually go to Hancock Fabrics on the way home from work to buy the background fabric. Even if the thread count/grain density of the fabrics don't match up, the creams match fairly well.
[Warning: grainy camera photos ahead]

Refresher: here's where this project started at the beginning of the year...

pint-sized wild thing

Here's where it is now...


Granted, it doesn't look quite as neatly organized as it did before, but there's some definite progress. Now, I have all the supplies I need to move forward on the Pint-Sized Wild Thing quilt top. I've diagrammed my quilt layout on graph paper, I've figured out how many background squares I need and then cut them, I played around with the block arrangement the other night while we watched Toy Story 3, and I've sewn together the rows. Next step: pressing, lots of it.

Other ongoing projects I've played around with lately:

my spiderweb blocks, like I mentioned in the last post:


I'm also {this} close to cutting into some solids that will coordinate with this adorable stack of fabric:


I stuck my hand in the shot so you can get an idea of the scale of this adorable stack of fabric - 40 (2.5") squares. Too cute!

Finally, my blog - If you subscribe via Google Reader, feel free to take a minute to click through to the new design! I decided that my previous layout/template design was cute but awfully busy. So one night last week, I downloaded a new background and header and started shuffling things around, adding/subtracting widgets, etc. Like the construction road signs say, "Please pardon our progress."

I'm linking up to W.I.P. Wednesday on Freshly Pieced - check out everyone else's progress!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Finally, because I missed the blogging boat earlier in the week, here's what we've been eating this week:


  1. Megan, I just have to say, I think it's hilarious that you used your hand for scale when the stack of fabric is sitting on a giant ruler. Also, I'm glad work is busy in a good way and not a stressful way.

  2. I always enjoy reading what you are up to... including your menu plans! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  3. Sally says what I thought about the ruler.

    I can't remember the old blog, but like the new one!

  4. Funny. I saw the picture of the stack of fabric on flickr just a little before and didn't notice the ruler. I thought, "whoa, her hand looks big next to that charm pack!" Glad to know it's a mini.

  5. love your wips very muchly!!! : ) Pretty.

  6. Love your Cotton Blossom whirly gigs!

  7. yay for your progress! it's promising to be beautiful!
    love your new design!

  8. Wow, I didn't know they're selling 2.5" square charm packs now! So cute! And I love, love, love the whirlygigs. That's one of my favorite patterns, I desperately need to make some!

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, have a wonderful week! : )