Thursday, February 24, 2011

Color Aversions

I don't like orange. There I said it.


I think my aversion to the color is rooted in my past. I grew up in East Tennessee, a.k.a. Vol Country, where most die-hard UT fans claim that they bleed orange. I saw orange EVERYWHERE growing up.


It's kind of obnoxious.

9-patch quilt for Merissa's grandmother
Tranquility Inverted 9-Patch

Sorry if I just offended any of my Vol-lovin' readers too much.

Gobble Gobble NIne Patch
Gobble Gobble top

When I first started quilting, I always thought, "Ulgh, orange. Who would make a quilt with orange in it?"

Nine-Patch Nirvana in Sonnet fabric

Apparently, I would.

Cotton Blossoms Shimmering Stars close-up
Cotton Blossoms Shimmering Stars

Every year, actually, I would make a quilt with orange in it.

Pumpkins Gone Wild for Hexagons
Pumpkins Gone Wild top

Then I would fall in love with other people's quilts containing orange.

Excuse me while I go fix some crow for dinner.


Do you have any color "aversions"?


  1. I find that I tend towards more saturated colors, rather than pale ones - but I can't think of any color I just can't stand. I understand completely your attitude toward orange, since I live in Middle TN and I am a die-hard University of Miami fan..... I'm thinking about a blog article about color - email me so I can talk to you about it!

  2. My most vivid memory of my time studying at the University of Florida, was the UT/UF game. All of Main St was covered with the color and it was.. obnoxious. Still love orange and if you can guess it, I love all colors and use them regularly. I have more of a problem with prints that don't show a color at it's best.

  3. I find that I shy away from purple. A lot. It's rare that I can find a purple fabric that feels modern, and since I don't do a whole lot of "traditional" quilting these days, I just don't have much purple fabric. In fact, I have 3. I think that counts as an aversion. :D

  4. lol...i don't like orange, too...but lately i've seen a lot of over-the-top-gorgeous quilts or pillows or mug rugs that all have orange in it! :)
    but there are still some colors, or rather color combinations i avoid (for example, purple and yellow) :)

  5. I think Jenny hit the nail on the head. UT orange is simply obnoxious. After growing up in TN I'm convinced it's just the SHADE of orange UT chose that's so awful. Until I moved away I was convinced I hated ALL oranges. Now I realize it's just UT orange I hate - so bright, so jarring, so... yuck.

  6. I tend to like dark colors,so as long as it's not the bright UT orange (and yes I am from Tennessee) more of a burnt orange I ok with it. I don't use purple very much and if I do it not the Easter purple, again more of a darker purple

  7. I currently live in TN and I have to agree. The color orange makes me want to ...well let's just say I don't care for it. I am just getting to where I can see a use for it and the beauty of it. I am not a Vols fan because I am not a sports fan but I do get a kick out of the way some people dress around here. I am originally from MI and I for that reason I don't like blue and yellow together! I thought those outfits, purses, shoes, etc were equally as riduc...oops "odd" LOL