Monday, February 21, 2011

No stashbusting here!

Like I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I finally succumbed to temptation, ignored my mountain of UFOs, and started a new project. Don't judge. You've done it too. Ha!

I took this stack of small 2.5" squares that I showed a couple of weeks ago


sashed them during the Super Bowl


sashed them some more with white background fabric


and turned them into a queen-sized quilt top. That's right, a queen-sized top.


Can I stretch a square of fabric or what? I'm not really sure WHY I'm so compelled to combine these teeny tiny swaths of fabric with massive amounts of background fabric to create large-ish quilts, when my stash of yardage still looks like this (well, worse actually. This was after I de-cluttered the stash but BEFORE I found 2 more bins of fabric in the attic.):


And my stash of charm packs still looks like this (minus the mini-charm pack of Bliss on top):

Lots of work ahead of me-e

Maybe I'm just really into the concept of blank/relief space right now. Maybe it's because these Bliss fabrics are so stinkin' cute, and I want to get some serious mileage out of them. Maybe it's because it's tough for me to integrate the yardage I've inherited with the pre-cuts I have on hand in my mind.

I take comfort in the fact that I've never claimed to be a stashbuster and that I don't participate in Judy's weekly stash reports.

I just ordered for this quilt top and one other top that should hopefully arrive later in the week. Maybe I'll have a finished quilt (or two?) to show in the next couple of weeks!

In the meantime, here's what we're eating this week:

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  1. I love this quilt! So stinking cute! A little too much white for me, but you don't have little stain makers running around.

    Last week I gave my girls organic lollypops so I could changing the sheets without their help. No child was allowed in the bed until they washed up after the lolly, and I was still picking candy pieces out of my bed!

    I've never purchased a jellyroll or charm pack, but that Bliss jellyroll is probably coming home very soon. It's adorable. Love how you sashed them in those two colors complementing the line. May be stealing that a bit. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. jenny's got it right: your quilt is just stinkin' cute! i love what you did with the petit four...!!! and i might copy your idea (because i still have my 'bliss' pack and several others that were in that pre-release box thingy moda came up with last year.
    fantastabulous inspiration, megan!

  3. That is so cute, Megan! I love stretching a little bit of cute fabric into a whole quilt - great work!!

  4. What a great way to use those little squares! I have a few packs myself, so I will most definitely be bookmarking this beauty! :)

  5. Hey, I may have found the comment thingie for no-reply. If not, I have no idea what else it could be! Thanks for telling me about it a guild.

  6. 1) I love your Bliss quilt. Now that's making a little precut love stretch!!

    2) I totally just ogled your stash. Two more bins??

    3) I am totally going to come and dip into your charm packs stash and see how long it took you to notice! :D