Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Show & Tell

Did everyone enjoy the Super Bowl the other night? I hung in there for the first quarter, but I quickly lost interest after that. I had already seen the much-lauded VW Darth Vader commercial, thanks to the Husbatron's hawklike following of blogs that feature things, like previews of Super Bowl commercials. I didn't really feel like I missed too much. The siren song of the sewing room called my name. Loudly. So I followed its beckoning call.

Earlier in the day, I had finished my Cotton Blossoms/Pint-Sized Wild Thing quilt top


AND mini-tops to make accompanying throw pillows.


The quilt top itself seemed to take forEVER. I forget that tiny blocks means lots of blocks to sew into rows, followed by lots of rows to sew together. After that ordeal, the pillow tops seemed to go together in no time.

But anyways, I figured my good behavior gave me full license to start a brand spankin' new project.

After much restraint, I finally 1) ripped open these bad boys


2) and then jumped on the red and aqua bandwagon with some sashing fabric.


I have a good feeling about this quilt already.

What did you do during the Super Bowl? Did you work on quilt binding? Were you on the edge of your seat with excitement over the game? Did you even know there was a big game on? hahaha

And for anyone who's here for the grub, here's what we're eating this week:
For more menu plans for this week, be sure to check out OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday!


  1. The penne pasta with vodka sauce sounds delicious. I'm putting that on the menu for next week.

    I sewed binding during the super bowl, with my eye half on the game.

  2. Game? What game? My hubs and I sat and watched the first two episodes of Pillars of the Earth on Netflix. Nothing constructive was accomplished--and I'm ok with that! It was a rough weekend. :P

    I LOVE your Wild Thing quilt and pillows, though--so cute! And I can't wait to see what you wind up doing with that little pile of Bliss squares. That's a great method for making one of those wee charm packs stretch, too!

  3. This is very pretty! I just love whirleygigs. Need to do something with them myself one of these days.

    I hand-sewed binding while I watched the game. I live in Wisconsin, so I think there was some sort of law that I was required to watch it, whether I cared or not. : )