Monday, March 7, 2011

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Mmmm, ahhhhh, take a deep breath with me. Is anyone else starting the week with a different project than what they worked on the previous week? This past weekend, I gifted the pillow I made last week for a christening gift, and now I'm taking the month of March to work on projects that I want to work on and hopefully bring some closure to my life by finishing a few projects. Next up is a quilt from some Fandango for my Just One Charm Pack series.

fandango - get this party started!

At the beginning of every week, I have a ritual that's become so ingrained that I hardly even think about it any more. I decide what project I'd like to focus on that particular week, and then I break down the project into various steps that need to be completed and assign 2 or 3 steps to each day of the week in my Google Tasks. There's something so satisfying about checking that little box and seeing the task crossed out.

fandango todo

Before you start rolling your eyes at my OCD-ness and type-A personality, be reassured that my plans are often derailed by Wednesday, if not Tuesday, because sometimes that Law and Order marathon is just so dang tempting. Case in point: I still haven't backed up my hard drive (due on February 26).

This week, I decided I'm in a piecing kind of mood, mainly because the machine I prefer for machine quilting is in its case and not already set up on my sewing table. For the pillow last week, I had to bust out my trusty Pfaff to applique. Since it's already on the table, I might as well use it to start a brand spankin' new project.

trusty old pfaff

Anyone else have any new projects to start this week?

Here's what we're eating this week:

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  1. Of course I'm starting a new project this week because I just finished my main one. I've already cut blocks of wood and sanded them down to avoid splinters. Four stamps are made. Hopefully, the major parts of the quilt be done tomorrow while the gals are at preschool.

    I'd never made wood mounted stamps before but it's super easy. Oh, I also need to get on the email and schedule up a bee already.

  2. I'm starting a new ministry quilt (no big difference there, it seems like I'm always starting a new one!) but this one is with a pattern I haven't tried before - the nested crosses pattern. So I'm excited! And I'm finishing up another ministry quilt, just needs trimming and binding. Busy week!

  3. Can't wait to see your next 1 charm pack project. I love the other two you posted.

    Betty in Ky.

  4. I thought about it. I'm taking part in the HR Project: Special Delivery on flickr, and making up my block to send in for the improv quilt there. And I'm finishing my "Just One Star" blocks to mail out this week, too. Beyond that, it's more wonky HR stars for my own quilt! No "new" projects, per se, this week. There's always next week, though!

  5. I have the same Phaff machine, and have loved it for years, too many years, except it has started having health issues and I think it is fixing to die. OH NO!!! not my Phaff.

  6. Megan, I have visited your blog before when we talked at Modern Guild; but now I will start following you since I have the address from the DOQ. My blog address is wrong and will be fixed by the newsletter editor next month. Great block and projects.