Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Original Inverted 9-Patch

Back in November of 2009, I saw an innocent enough post on Moda Bake Shop by Pat Sloan, encouraging readers to enter her Gobble Gobble challenge. The general gist of the challenge was to make something out of Gobble Gobble by Sandy Gervais in time for Thanksgiving. All I had was a lowly charm pack of the fabric, but I figured it would be enough to make something for the challenge.


I tossed out the idea of a table runner. Our table's pretty small, so table runners look kind of silly on it. So I sat down with some graph paper and started doodling ideas. I finally came across the idea of 9-patches with lots of sashing between the blocks. I made the top but then quickly lost momentum to finish it. The main reason behind my inertia was that we were still living in our apartment at that point and just didn't have a good place to lay out all the layers and baste them together.


So, it sat in the WIP bin for a couple of years. I finally pulled it out a few months ago to baste and quilt. The backing came from the sale rack at Thimble Pleasures. The fabric itself doesn't match any of the prints in the collection at all, really. But once I quilted it, it seemed to blend with the top a lot better.


For the quilting, I initially wanted to try my hand at straight-line quilting again, but the fact that few of the 9-patches lined up meant that if I tried to use my seams as guides, then it would just look funny.


Instead I opted for squiggly lines about an inch apart. Since each of the patches in the 9-patch and all the sashing strips are roughly 2" (finished), I squiggled along the seams and eyeballed the squiggly lines in the middle of the blocks.


After I finished quilting the squiggly lines vertically, I thought the quilt still looked a little bare, so I turned it around the other way and quilted the squiggly lines horizontally as well.

If you'd like to make your own version of this quilt, be sure to check out my tutorial for it!

Vital statistics:
  • Started: November 2009
  • Finished: June 2011
  • Machine-pieced, machine quilted
  • Fabric: Gobble Gobble by Sandy Gervais; inner border: Fabulous Fall by Deb Strain; outer border: Tranquility by Sandy Gervais


  1. This pattern maybe simple enough but it looks so effective with all the sahsing and love thw avy line quilting! Lovely!

  2. Megan, that is such an awesome quilt! It's definitely going on my bucket list!!

  3. I noticed the squiggly line quilting right off. It really goes with the 9 patches. I might have to try that with my hand quilting one of these days. Lovely quilt.

  4. I love your quilt, and the quilting works perfectly.