Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Eastman Interval Timer, Squared Circle Version

Sometimes, I'm crazy conscientious and get things done ahead of the deadline. Most times, though, I kind of procrastinate. I don't know about you, but I get most excited about a project when it's the absolute last thing that I should be worrying about. 

  • Looming deadline at work? It's the perfect time to clear out my email!
  • Friends or family visiting my currently filthy house in a few days? Why yes, I believe tonight would, in fact, be the perfect time to start re-watching all of the Mad Men seasons in preparation for the new season in August. 
  • Time to go to the gym? Nah, I'd rather bake a red velvet cake. From scratch. But it was a nice thought.

Red Velvet Cake
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lamiacucina67/434263597/

Unfortunately, this tendency follows me into my sewing room, too. What I should be focusing on right now: The Triangle Modern Quilt Guild's Kona Charm Pack Challenge (due July 10th). If you click over to my WiP spreadsheet, you'll see I haven't started. Haven't even bought the rest of my fabric. Tsk tsk tsk. Or maybe the baby quilt I've been meaning to make for the mom who just posted her 38 week belly photos on Facebook yesterday? (Hi, Betsy!

What's distracting me instead: this Nittany block. I'm crushing on it. Hard.

1. Red Aqua QIP, 2. Block for Sherri, 3. String X Quilt Top Finished!!!, 4. Livvy's baby's string-x quilt 2, 5. String X Quilt on Bed, 6. X Marks the Spot, 7. My Nittany Block Party Quilt Top, 8. String X quilt top, 9. String X Quilt

I'm thinking it would look a-mazing with the Martinique strips I got on ebay last month, along with the leftover trimmings from the Buttercup quilt I mentioned yesterday.



Throw in a light blue for the skinny border around the string-pieced strips and some brown for the background triangles, and I believe I have myself a new project.

bella_solids - want

Because that's just what I need right now. A new project.

If you need me, I'll be trying to ignore the string-pieced elephant in the sewing room, so I can focus on my Kona dusty charm pack.


What's distracting you right now? Procrastinating minds want to know. 


  1. Dang, girl, did you have to give me another distraction? That Nittany block is very cool! At the moment I'm being distracted by your inverted 9-patch, the Jelly Roll Race quilt, and the quilt I want to make for my granddaughter for Christmas!

  2. Pinterest. Pinterest is my main distraction always- but I LOVE it!

  3. I love that Nittany block--I have a bucket of strippy scraps just waiting for me to make them into some of those blocks!

    Right now, I'm being totally distracted by stalking a friend's etsy destash sale! Ahh, retail therapy. :D

  4. I, too, am procrastinating on the Kona challenge. Just waiting for that fabric I ordered... Good thing I know what I want to do with the squares!
    Diane H.