Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP Wednesday - the lazy edition

After all the sewing I did last week and over the weekend, I think that I needed a mental break. Monday night, I went to the DOQ Guild Meeting, where a YLI rep spoke about thread and its importance in quilting/piecing. I left the meeting plagued with guilt that I hardly ever use fancy thread. Well, I guess I didn't feel guilty enough to buy thread the speaker brought with her, but oh well. On the other hand, I was super-excited to see the small samples of machine-quilting she passed around. Feast your eyes:


The first sample (above) was from Diane Gadynski, machine quilting guru.


The second quilt was made by someone who I'm sure is equally awesome, but I didn't snap a photo of the label on that one. Oops.

After dinner last night, I spent a couple of lazy hours on the couch, kickin' it old skool and reading a book. No computer. No TV. Just a good old-fashioned mass market paperback.

Despite my laziness in the sewing room, I have managed to cross a WiP off my list this week. I packed up the rail fence quilt top I made from a Portugal layer cake a few years ago and sent it to Sarah for her quilt ministry.

Portugal Layer Cake Quilt

I fell out of love with the fabric (too much yellow for my tastes now!) and really had no desire to finish this project, so I asked Sarah if she'd like to adopt it. She graciously agreed to take it off my hands, and I know she and her friends will find the perfect home for it.

For anyone who's keeping track, I'm now down to 32 active projects.

Here's a link to my monster WiP status spreadsheet, if you're interested in a peek at the insanity.

Check out Lee's W.I.P. Wednesday post to check out everyone else's progress.


  1. I still say that's a great quilt, and we will put it to very good use! And the book you're reading is excellent - there was a sequel written a couple of years ago that is also good. But Pillars of the Earth is one of my favorite books.... so enjoy your reading time!!

  2. wow what beautiful quilting!! I love the quilt on the bed also, looks super snuggly.

  3. Loved Pillars and its sequel. Hey, you have several things almost finished on your spreadsheet. :) You'll be hacking more off your total soon enough. I've got a tremendous UFO list, myself!! lol feels good each time I get to lower the total.

  4. Great plan for a WIP you're no longer motivated on. The top looks great. Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday. : )

  5. Sometimes you just need a little downtime. And Pillars of the Earth is an amazing read--definitely in my all-time top 5.

  6. I get thread guilt too, sometimes. I bought a big spool of 100% cotton guterman on sale at Joann's that I use for piecing now and it does work pretty well... but haven't ever tried anything fancier than that. Anyways, those quilting samples are seriously amazing. Wow.