Saturday, July 30, 2011

Final H2H Quilt!


For my last H2H quilt, I decided to bust as much of my stash as possible. You see, I have these two bolts of fabric that Mom bought 7-8 years ago, and then forgot about. When they moved out of their house a couple of years ago, I went home one weekend to help clean out the attics and found the bolts. My eyes lit up at the thought of having not one but Two Whole Bolts of Fabric in the house. She saw that excitement and told me I could have them.

This was an awesome development. The problem: I'm not really sure how to use that much of 2 fabrics. So I've been sneaking them into backings where I can and calling it a day.

The pattern is a variation of the Double Four-Patch tutorial I posted. I used the grey-ish tan print that Vicki sent me as the charm squares and the red background. The red background in this quilt comes from one of the bolts. You might recognize it from the backing of my Winter White quilt a month or so ago. The selvedge says it's from the Folk Art Christmas line by Robyn Pandolph for Moda.


The backing for this quilt is from the other bolt. This is the print that really confounds me and my stash. It's a Kansas Troubles fabric from way back when, so I guess if I get a hankering to make some Little House on the Prairie style quilts, this can be my go-to fabric. On a related note, I'm really into the craze of sewing the leftover blocks into the backing of the quilt. No orphan blocks!!


Another notable feature of the quilt is that it's the first quilt that's completely bound on the machine. I initially tried out this method. But then Brita posted some helpful tips today that I think I'll try to incorporate for the next time around.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for an H2H round-up!

Vital stats:
Started: May 2011
Finished: July 2011
Machine-pieced, machine-quilted.

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  1. This is an amazing quilt, Megan!! You did a great job (and how lucky to have two full bolts of such awesome fabric!!)