Friday, July 29, 2011

A Finished H2H Quilt!

Do you ever make a quilt for charity where it's kind of tough to follow through and give it away? Yeah, this is one of those quilts for me.


It started out with these fabrics.

array of h2h fabrics

Then, I added in some solid brown fabric for the background, and by the time I started to put the blocks together, I was completely smitten. This Moda Bake Shop tutorial was largely my inspiration for the overall pattern.


Alas, I was strong and packed up this quilt and a couple of other H2H quilts and sent them along their merry way via the UPS store this afternoon after work.


For the quilting, I stitched an overall stippling loop. It's one of my snappiest quilting designs thus far.


For the backing, I pulled a couple of novelty prints from my stash - a Winnie the Pooh fabric (on the left) and a Noah's Ark fabric (on the right). They blended well with the colors on the top and made the quilt a bit more childlike overall. 


It makes me a little sad to see this quilt leave, but I'm confident it will find its way to someone who will love it. 

Please note the dog peeking through the back door, wishing he could be in outside crashing my photo shoot.


  1. Whoever gets it you know they are going to love it!

  2. Your H2H quilt is very pretty. I know it will be treasured.

  3. Oh, Megan, I completely understand!! And that is one gorgeous quilt.... I love your idea of using novelty prints on the back - I've got a couple of border/panel pieces that I had despaired of using, but this would be perfect!!

  4. I can see why you'd like to keep that quilt, it's gorgeous! Thanks for all the work you and all the others are doing for the H2H project!

  5. This is just so pretty! I'd never have been able to give it away.