Sunday, July 31, 2011

H2H Finale

I know I've been blogging about my finished H2H quilts over the past couple of days, but here's a quick round-up...

From the awesome French General fabric that Vicki sent me, I made this quilt.


(See here for more information)

Then I made this quilt.


(More information found here.)

I also decided to send my Kona Solids Charm Pack Challenge quilt. It was the perfect size, and I didn't have any immediate need for it. To read more about it, see here.


Be sure to check out Sarah's post today to see all the other finished h2h quilts that are on their way to an orphanage in Romania with Clint and Judi!!


  1. I love all three of your quilts, Megan! Lucky orphans!!

  2. Great finishes. Very generous to send along the third. I saw that quilt in an earlier post and really liked it. Nice~!

  3. Great job on all three of your quilts. That is so nice to donate them.

  4. 3 fantastic quilts...WOW!!! good for you!

  5. Three fabulous quilts. I was trying to decide which I liked the best, but it was too hard a decision. I love the first quilt with the HSTs, the colors in the second quilt are blended beautifully and the bright solids against the gray really pop. I'm glad I don't have to choose between them.

  6. I love all three of your quilts. They will be treasured by someone special.

  7. These are beautiful quilts! And three of them? - I'm so impressed!

  8. Excellent quilts! That French General looks pretty good:)