Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just One Charm Pack - Yet Another Coin Quilt

Disclaimer: You guys, I cannot claim to be the genius behind this project. Essentially, it’s a bigger version of Vicki’s Skinny Verna table runner tutorial at Moda Bake Shop. I’ve just expanded it to use up an entire charm pack. So, I’m going to refer you to her tutorial for many of the steps to give credit where it’s due. I almost feel like this one’s a “cheater” tutorial, since it’s obviously not original or that difficult to figure out, but it’s just so stinkin’ cute that I couldn’t help but share.

  • 1 charm pack or (42) 5” squares- I’m using Buttercup by Fig Tree Quilts
  • 1 yard of background print - I’m using Kona Cream 
  • 3/4 yd of fabric for inner border and binding - Mine came from the Whimsy collection by Fig Tree Quilts
  • 1 yd of fabric for outer border - another Fig Tree Whimsy print
  • batting - at least 50x54
  • 3 yds fabric for backing
Cutting Instructions:

From the charm squares...
Following Vicki’s tutorial, cut each charm square into (4) 1.25”x5” strips. While you’re there, ogle over the cuteness of her Verna strips and lament the fact that this fabric is becoming impossible to find.

From the background:


  • Cut (4) 2.5”xWOF strips
  • Cut (3) 4.5”xWOF strips
From the inner border print:
Cut (4) 2.5”xWOF strips
Set aside the rest of the fabric for the binding. I usually cut my binding strips 2" or 2.25” wide on the straight grain of the fabric. 

From the outer border print:
Cut (4) 5.5”xWOF strips.

Piecing Instructions:
Following Vicki’s tutorial, arrange and piece together the strips from your charm pack prints.

*Tip: I know it’s tedious, but I prefer to press before I add a new strip to the set to prevent bowing and wavy strips. For this project, I pressed my seams open in the charm strip sets. 

Instead of making just one charm strip as the original tutorial indicates, make 4 strip sets total that measure roughly 31.5” long.


Despite my noblest intentions, my strips still turned out a little wavy and wonky (see above), so I trimmed about ¼” off both sides of each strip to square each strip to 4.5”x30.5”


Lay out the pieced charm strips and the background strips in this order:


  • 2.5”x30.5” background strip
  • 4.5”x30.5” charm strip set
  • 4.5”x30.5” background strip
  • 4.5”x30.5”charm strip set
  • 4.5”x30.5” background strip
  • 4.5”x30.5” charm strip set
Sew the rows together in order, being sure to press each row. Trim the extra background tails flush with the edges of the charm strips.


Then add a 2.5" strip to the remaining sides of the quilt. 


Trim those tails flush with the opposite ends of the quilt.


Adding Borders: I do NOT add borders the way I’m supposed to. I know this. It’s something that probably should keep me up at night, but it doesn’t. If you prefer to add borders another way, please avert your eyes and ignore the next few steps.
Take the (2) 2.5”xWOF” inner border strips and with right sides together, pin one strip to the top of the center and the other to the bottom of the center. Sew together, then press towards the border.


Rinse and repeat with the remaining (2) 2.5”xWOF inner border strips, attaching them to the sides. Press towards towards the border print.

Repeat the process with the 5.5” outer border strips, attaching them to the sides with pins, right sides together. Sew, trim extra borders, and then press towards the outer border.


Repeat on the remaining 2 sides.


And now your quilt top's done. Mine measured about 47"x61"


Now it's time to talk about backing. I didn't have 3 full yards of a coordinating print, but I did have a yard here and yard and a half there of fabrics that worked, so I laid out all my leftover Fig Tree fabrics end to end, and sewed them together to create one big 3-yard piece.


Once you have your 3 yard piece of backing, cut two 53.5"xWOF strips and sew them together along the 53.5" sides.

After pressing, you're ready to baste, quilt, and bind! (If only it was that easy, right?)

Here's my finished product.


I hope you enjoy the tutorial!! Like most coin quilts, it comes together really quickly, so it's ideal if you need to put together a quilt quickly. Enjoy!!


  1. I LOVE coin quilts. They are so easy peasy and quick. Sew On!

  2. this is a great quilt made with lovely fabric. thanks for the tutorial! you make it look so simple!