Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kona Charm Pack Quilt - FINISHED

I didn't think I could do it, but I did.


I polished off a quilt in a week. Here are a few grainy snapshots of the quilt in process.

leftover trimmings

finished wonky four-patch blocks

Here's another picture of the finished product.


Essentially, it's a wonky variation of my Double 4-Patch tutorial. I roughly followed this tutorial to refresh my memory on wonky piecing. I squared up the wonky 4-patches to about 4" and matched them all up with a 4" dark gray background square to create the larger 4-patch block.


Then I used this layout variation, bordered the middle with some more background fabric, pieced the backing with a purple jacquard print from Joann's that doesn't match at all (though I still love it), basted, quilted, and then bound the thing.


For the quilting, I used Oh Fransson's square stippling pattern that she used for her Tokyo Subway Map Quilt-Along a few months back. I might go back and stitch in the ditch around the wonky patches to make them puff up a bit more.


Thanks so much to Robert Kaufman for generously donating charm packs for this guild challenge. Be sure to check out our guild's flickr pool and the Modern Quilt Guild's flickr pool for some great eye candy for this challenge!


Vital Stats:
  • Started: July 2011
  • Finished: July 2011
  • Machine-pieced, machine quilted
  • Fabric: Kona Dusty Charm Pack, Kona Charcoal Gray (background); Kona Grass (binding)
Now, I'm off to work on my H2H projects and polish off some tardy bee blocks.

If you're here for the food, here's what we've been noshing on this week:


  1. hey megan! i've been blog stalking you for awhile, but had to come out of hiding to say how awesome this quilt is!!! i love everything about it! it's definitely my favorite of all the ones i've seen you post. :) well done!

    also just curious, do you ever sell any of your quilts? they're gorgeous!

    hope you're doing well!

  2. Megan! Ack, you are a rockstar! I LOVE this! So, so, so cool! I am totally going to have to make one of these (I promise to give credit where credit is due!!). Nice job, lady!

  3. I am so crazy about this quilt, I have to try this design! It was great to see it in person and congrats on finishing a quilt so quickly. It feels nice, doesn't it?

  4. Hard not to love this quilt in all it's very cool controlled wonkiness! Congrats!

  5. That is seriously a great quilt!!! Way to go!!

  6. beautiful job quilting. good color combination

  7. I love the quilting! I need to try some new all over patterns - thanks for inspiring me!